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Last year I felt both the interview and GD process was pretty cool. Last year we had personal interview first and then a common GD for both MBA and MM guys.

Interview MM:
Very generic. why MM, why AIMS, what is your aspiration, what is your present role, how do you fund, what do you think of AIMs etc (They were more interested on the present role)

Interview MBA:
Almost similar to MM. (But more interested on aspiration)

This was common to both MBA and MM.
case study was about a Japanese Salesman. This case study seems to be the GD topic for couple of years with AIMS. The professors look for the participation. They do not encourage debate. Everyone is right, but they look for out of box thinking. 1st round everyone is given a chance to talk in a serial order. Then from the second round, we need to raise the hand to further elaborate the discussion or to support their views.

Not much of preparation is required. But we need to think differently and understand the root cause of the issue and try to give out of box solution.

Many of us felt: They have a predetermined approach on the selection. GMAT/AIMAT score, Yrs and area of experience are the parameters they look for and give 30% of weightage. Interview-communication and aspiration - 40% of weightage. GD-analysis, expression and thinking - 30%.

Attire : Formals with Tie.


Can you all please post if you are applying for MM or MBA course.

I took the deferment last year and would be joining MM this year. Any help required you can post.


Anyone planning to join MM 2010-11 program?

Congrats Everyone,

I have my GD/PI on

PI: 9:50:00 AM TO 10:10:00 AM
Location: Bangalore
anyone from bangalore in this time slot?

Hi Venkat
Me too in same batch. Can you pm me your number will talk to u.

This post I got from last year thread.

Tips for people who have to appear...

-Each GD group has 10 people
-The group will be split in two to three subgroups
-the case-study would be a typical survival one wherein your team had a mishap and you have a choice of items like matchbox, water, food, blankets, torch, magnetic compass etc. etc.
-Each sub-group has to prioritize or rank the items according to their importance to achieve the goal-'Survival'
-Whats expected: subgroups discuss their plans, strategies and ranking of items and merge perspectives to come up with a consensus as a group.
-Tips: Dont fight, assign role to people, merge perspectives, give logic & rationale, choose a teamleader or a moderator, agree to disagree & move on and stick to time-lines.

Not a stress interview at all...but pls. avoid giving canned responses.
Questions pertaining to career goals, Essays, Resume and GD (what went right or what went wrong/analysis of paralysis)

Dressing: definitely formal (suit+tie)

For MM guys...

-60 approx. application from India
-30 shrtlisted
-Mumbai: 16 appeared for GD/PI
-Total seats fr MM: 60

Just saw the mail. Have got confirmation.
Have applied for MM program.
I will opt for Bangalore center.
Does anyone know the interview or GD pattern for the MM guys.


Sorry for the mistake. Please ignore my last post. For all the GMAT aspirants from Jan to Apr 09, we already have the link given below, which we can use. (Any one planing to take GMAT in March/April 09?)


As the year 2008's curtains are down, I wish all the puys who have completed their GMAT and got admissions successfully - Happy College Life!
For the guys who would be taking the GMAT in 2009 (including me) - All the Best for the GMAT!

Also as this thread is till Dec 2008, I have started a new thread
GMAT takers from Jan to Jun 2009

Request you all to post your future replies in the new thread.

Wish you all a Happy and Joyful New Year!

I Must Says
Thanks for the info ani. Any free online s/w is available?

Not to my knowledge. Many of institutes provide alongwith paperback materials and you will be given the access to those set of tests online.
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Hi mudragada/ani,
I have been through your posts in the thread.I have taken CAT for 2 years...But I am a novice to GMAT.Please suggest me as to how to begin with...given the fact that my basic fundas are in very much in place.I am planning to take GMAT next year...Which set of books should I begin with?

To test your scoring levels take the mock test from Manhattan or any other renowed GMAT material provider. You can get to know your level of strength and weekness by their detailed report. Depending upon your scores you can decide on the materials. Basically Manhattan, Princeton or Kaplan are leading institutes that provide best material of all. These along with Official Guide will give you real GMAT experience.