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Kunal @KunalCITD
wat about new salary?? i mean will they offer new salaries or same old one?
Debanjali Das @angel.bellscat

n what r the perks n allowances? r dey cashable? 

just got a mal for counselling on 27th.
rank is 1271........shd i go?? any hope at it? i have to leave for chennai asap for sm offc work.......need urgent help

mayankgarg11 Says
i think till around 1050

any hope with 1271??

whats the approx last rank who got converted today? any idea?

got the mail

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even if i get through, then i wonder when i can get the news? because classes will be starting shortly. n till now only rank till 729 is called.

and what about rank 1271??

now even i am interview in nitie was better than the other interviews n still i am not in the first half of the called candidates?? did they even mark any score beside my name??

all of them are of same category approximately. spare MDI for us and go for any of the other two you like.

please can anyone check my result?


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its already 25th and i could not check my result due to net problems and iim raipur website prob.

plz plz help.