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Doing the first one...
Let 10^10 = R
=> 10^30 mod(10^10 + 3) = R^3 mod (R+3) = (-3)^3
=> 10^30 = (10^10+3)*D - 27
Highest power of 2 shd be no other values give a perfect remainder..

i thnk u frgot 2 consider greatest integer function
1/x+1n range is
1-1/x+1 will lie between

all real values -{1}
Paper is on a easier side
My score
Sec1 86 30A 29C 1W
Sec2 50 30A 20C 10W - VA still haunts me :splat:
Overall 136.

After many average mocks this is a confidence booster for me.

super duper !!!! ..vo bichare 1 qa question ko kyun wrong kar diya
thegodfather321 Says
mere bhai, kabhi bhi de de. koi tension ki baat nahi. of course, itna to clear hi hoga ki ab tu center pe jaake nahi de sakta. ab tujhe url ko manipulate karke ghar pe hi dena padega.:splat::splat:

godfather...i heard that ...dat url thing is not working now:shocked:

solution is absolutey correct ..check for 2-3 values of x
The qstn says Dany walked on each bridge exactly once. And that's the point you need to keep in mind. Also he visited Pentagon five times.

The three cases are depicted in the attachment.

thnx a lot ....u took pain in taking and attaching pic..thnx a lot....

btw ,,,,it was such a simple solution..m such a fool 6 marks
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Puys...when will we get the 1214 analysis CD??

can somebody please explain d solution to Crazy Island problem (Dany ..25 islands)

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After caartey and Ravi teja a new god has come... 153 in 1215 ... i almost fainted seeing the score.