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converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM
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movies ok pe bhi sunny deol keh reh hai..tareekh pe tareekh..

Name: Anand Sharma
Cat score: 89.55
Place of GD/PI: New Delhi
Course selected for: PGDM/PGDM Finance

10th - 75.60
12th - 72.00
Grad - 66.63
Work Exp - 22 months
Extra Curricular - not many

converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM

I know you have answered it..but still I seek some more clarity on this. I am selected for IB, and there are people who might not join PGDM, so is that a chance that we will move up the ladder(but you said a rare chance)? So is there any sort of waiting list for IB candidates for PGDM as most of them filled PGDM as their first option.
And if we get the rare chance, how will we be notified that yes you can convert to PGDM from IB.
Apologies for asking too many question!

converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM
loss2233 and akki31388 ...same to u fellas!! :D
converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM

bhai logon... IB mein ho gaya..aur kaun kaun hai IB se??

converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM

Have seen this link n times...ab dobara mat post karna

converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM
Date & Venue : March 5,2013 FORE, New Delhi

CAT score: 89.55
Course ( PGDM/PGDM-IB/Both) : PGDM

Xth %age: 76.00
XIIth %age: 72.00
Graduation Degree and %age : BBA 66.53

Work Experience in months(if any) : 22 (not working currently. Left my job last year for MBA preparation)
Work-Ex sector: BPO (Banking)

GD Topic : Should India spend on Arms and Ammunition?
GD Time limit: 10 minutes
GD Experience : Good. Everyone got a fair chance to speak on the topic. I always carry a GD phobia, so managed only a couple of entries. Mini scuffles were there as people tend to agree to disagree. But that is alright and natural to happen in a GD. 30 seconds were given to everyone in the end to summarize. Went smoothly for everyone.

PI experience : Was great. Humble panelists. 2 faculty, 1 industry. [ do not remember the order of the questions and even who asked will just list the questions asked ]
Was able to answer most of the questions that were little subjective and GK went good.

-Tell me about yourself and your family.
-Asked me about a particular reason that I mentioned in the information sheet regarding why MBA/PGDM? (Guys be prepared, you may be asked anything from the information sheet you filled up)
-Difference between manager and a leader?
-Name few business leaders. Who is your role model in business? (Didn €™t had any)

-Who is the deputy chairman of planning commission? He €™s been there like forever

-Speaker of Rajya Sabha
-Was asked about favorite subject. Told them it is banking.
-Then they asked what is LIBOR. (knew it)

-Told. Then was asked, is London in England or in United Kingdom?

-Define risk. Do you take risks? What are various risks for business except for those financial/investment ones?
-Was asked about performance in the organization where I worked at.
-CAT %ile. Last year CAT score(57).
-Was asked about if leaving the job for MBA preparation was a wise decision?

Experience with the student coordinators: Great. Thanks to the connect team. Helped us calm our nerves.

Anything else you would like to share : Do carry the photocopies of said documents. And smile through the interview if your sail gets a little turbulent) ATB!

converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM
converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM

@Anubha.imt I have applied through CAT and my score is 89.55. Still no call.. Are emails being still sent out for the calls?

converted Bimtech (IB), IMT N, LBSIM