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i came, couldn't spot FC, couldn't find the group, gave up :(:(. hope to make it next time if i am around

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will anyone actually be around at 6? i might come and stay till around 7:30 types.

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are there any seniors, who got an admit as a fresher...from a computer science background??

There are quite a few of the variety you seem to be after. just wait to be alloted a mentor. all your questions will be solved. The following is the academic part of my interview.

P2: So what was your favourite subject in college?
Me: In my first year..
P2: No! in all of engineering?
Me: Algorithms, AI, Networks..
P2: Why is Artificial Intelligence called so?
Me: blah blah about Artificial and Intelligence
P2: Why use computers? Can't others be used.
Me: more blah .not that confidently but mostly right.
P2: What algorithm is used to retrieve data from memory?(where did that come from)
Me don't remember sir.
P2: tell me any algorithm that you know
Me: Tell some sorts and searches and add bankers algorithm for good measure.
P2: What is complexity?
Me: Blah blah
P2; explain using example
Me: Talk about Bubble sort and quick sort and so on so forth
lassana diarra who was at chelsea...young defensive midfielder who played a bit at Right back under mourinho...went to arsenal this august only..
wasn't happy at the lack of starts he made this season..

dude you have got your dollars and pounds mixed up, And the deal is not through! (he asked for 90,000 pounds p/w in wages!!! and the transfer fee is more like 5.5 mn pounds)
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What team are you talking about? I don't think West Ham becomes a local acad. for ManYoo.

still talking about class '92 (it is quite a phenomena, a bit like the Busby Babes)
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For those comparing Wenger and Fergie, do consider the fact that they managed other clubs too. Surprised?

Both have done great jobs since joining their respective clubs. Turned around the culture at the clubs. In terms of trophies Fergie has done more at the clubs he was with (ofcourse he is older, so wenger might actually win more by the time he reaches Ferguson's present age but I don't see that happening. Anyways getting Aberdeen to beat Real in an European final is probably bigger achievement than each of the individual trophies he has won at Utd)

Those watching football before 1996, would know that Arsenal played unbelievable boring football (they still have the capacity to do that, 2005 FA Cup final for example). Wenger has changed that while Utd always had an attack-minded approach to the game.

No point arguing who has done better. Though i would be inclined towards the scot.

(as for bringing talent through, getting a whole first-team at around the same time locally is quite an achievement, probably bigger than picking up players from the reserve and youth teams of bigger clubs )

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Nice to see this place buzzing!

Fifth term has seen me spend most of the time in my room watching Sitcoms and catching up on lost time with the room

Home advantage seems to dictate that IIM-I is beating NITIE in every event so far ( I could be wrong here)

There are way too many things to do and way too less time (the eternal B-schoolers' excuse for not doing anything) which means that this is just one disjointed post after a long time and probably for a long time

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a rocking time ahead!

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Archon Says
but I still think sec B's win was a fluke

yeah yeah a definite fluke

lemme get out of here before i do more damage
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Just came across this thread today and read the last 3-4 pages.

While Pratibha Patil on the front-page of the newspaper today had me flabbergasted, I think she is a better choice than the other candidates being considered who are patently partisan. However, she has 'Rubber-Stamp' written all over but we never know, even Zail Singh sent back a bill. After sometime people do recognize the importance of the position and try to behave accordingly, that they are inadequate is another matter.

A second term for Kalam would have been great, in the same way that it would have been for KR Narayanan, who I think was much more politically aware and didn't hesistate to speak out.

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