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Kushal Ganatra @kushrg
Please check my result for me: Reg No: *1240592689* * * *Password:* ** *R5Y7C8EK*
Kushal Ganatra @kushrg
Please check my result for me: Reg No: *1240592689* * * *Password:* ** *R5Y7C8EK*
Anand Kurup @and224

did u get result link on mobile?

is the result link


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napa Says
Got call from TAPMI for the chennai centre!! 18th March. I'm Travelling to bangalore to attend GDPI for SIMSR on 18th. At the bottom of the email i see this line "Kindly note that no requests for change of centre/date/time WOULD be entertained for any reason what-so-ever. Kindly cooperate." :banghead::banghead: What to do now. I want to reschedule to 16th/17th March

send a mail to with the reason.. they will help you in changing the date
kaushal27 Says
my gdpi date of tapmi is clashing with iim wat\pi.what to do?pls help.

you can write a mail to they will change the date

Congrats to all who converted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of the First Installment of 150100 for Defence Open Category to be paid by 26 Mar can anyone tell me how much will be refunded in case we want to cancel our admission?

P.S Need a urgent reply

P.P.S I converted my SIMS Call

We will have to add the pre induction module cost also to that(ie is non refundable :(), so totally u will have to pay 1701000, if you withdraw b4 start of course you will get 150000 back.......