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Great Dude!!!!!

All d best for ur future!!!!

PS: am also One of the aspirant for SPJIMR

i know...
Congrats on your converts

bye.. guys ...
it was nice to interact with u all....

i dint get thru SPJIMR.. really wanted to...
everything was perfect.. but sumhow DINT..

cant cry anymore.. leaving for KJ Somaiya...
Hoping that sumwhere great things are there in store for me too..

I know I can.. and I will..

All the Best to u all.. will meet u all at cross roads again...
Keep in touch..:)
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Hey seniors...

wanted to know bout the GIRLS hostel...:

1). rooms available only on triple sharing???
2). bathroom attached?
3). almirah, bed, studytable, lamp, mattress, curtains provided???
4). cooler etc..??
5). need of Blankets???
6). space to keep the rest of ur luggage (as in box bed or simple beds given??)
7). in n out timings for girls...??

reple some one SOON.. wanna be ready like dat...

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varun ranjan Says
has anyone got back the immersion reimbursement ? I got a call from SPJIMR offc 10-12 days back asking for my bank acc details , and I am yet to get the back transferred back to my account . :(

hey even i received my reimbursement around a week back..
it is written in the mail that " in case a candidate decides to
withdraw from the programme of IIM Rohtak after accepting the offer
and remitting the fee of Rs. 50,000/-, the acceptance fee will be
refunded to the candidate after deduction of 20% of processing fee,
subject to receiving his/her application in writing by the Director,
IIM Rohtak on or before June 10, 2011."

Sir plz tell me the exact amount of PROCESSING FEE, and exactly how
much will be refunded.

Pls Some one ..answer this query, caose acc to the AICTE rules,only 1000/- can be cut before the course commences...

Pls somebody reply....:(


Can u pls elaborate on the placement procedure? as in r da students allowed to take only one offer???

Wat the hell??...

I c jus no reason for this unbearable wait...
It is an EMOTIONAL Torture..

Thanks for the quick reply...:)
Also sir, the degree of PGDM is by KJ SOmaiya right??.. and as well as by Mumbai University kya???...

Hi Arjun Sir,

I ve converted PGDM at SIMSR...
Can u pls tell us a bit more bout the refunds at the KJ Som???....
How much will be deducted if v withdraw before the course commences?..

Coz according to the AICTE norms, only 1000/- can be deducted, is that correct??

Pls let me knw.. jus wanna be sure...

:) Waiting..

Converted PGDM...