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puys 1 doubt...those who hav filed RTI the postal order is it necessary to fill all the blanks mentioned or can v leave them....the authorities can fill it themselves....

guys i want to knw wats the difference between an IIM A/B/C passout and K/I passout in terms of career opportunities and career grrowth...plz answer in a detailed manner

and also i scored 94.39 in verbalLR part this time in CAT....i am gd at LR bt avarage at verbal....if i decide to take CAT12 can i improve my verbal enough to get97+ %ile in tese 5-6 months

Any one of those who was rejected by C and L made it to Ranchi?

i rejected by L and K....converted PGDHRM for wont be joining as converted I also

i have also recd the PGDHRM selection mail at 1.15 pm today....inspite of a very bad gd.....guys are they takng wat pi scores frm C,L,K?? or they r testng only on basis of profile and gd....plz let me knw coz my IIML 2nd list is still if for pgdhrm also they r takng scores tht means i might nt hav scored badly in IIML wat nd pi

finally a convert aftr so many rejects....god is gr8...thank u god..


my K PI was excellent 35 mins...nd i answered correctly 80-90% of the ques and my acads and ECs r also decent....still was rejected @98.99....planning to file an RTI applicatn nw to c wat went wrong..

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rejected by Ranchi but converted Rohtak , wonder if there was any diff in their selection criteria.
anyways i am gng to L , so gen wl moves by 1.

probably we r seeing many ranchi rejects converting rohtak is bcoz rohtak has given many buffer calls nd ranchi as the WL moves of ranchi...rohtak converts wd find thr name in ranchi list too
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My horrible 'K' interview is going to take me down in all the six new IIMs.
rejected by both Ranchi and Rohtak..

anyone with similar experiences...where a bad intw at an old IIM is sealing the fate for the other six also..

any chance of an appeal or intw at K lasted just 4 mins

ppl with similar exps..pls comment.

4 mins...?? just like u went in and said gd morning...nd they said "we r done"...LOL
nt makng fun of u....m also in the same boat bro....rejected by K and L both....

rohit phulsunge....1 small query....for the final selection also will it be 30% for verbal LR and 20% for quant DI.....or equal weightage for both????

@ananygoel :

first things first: y r u so much into earning degrees..rather learn skillsets...i would simply say just decide wheter u want to be in CA/CS/ICWA role or u want to be MBA role..if u do convert IIMI simply join it..nothing better than that and once ur in IIMI u will get plenty of guidance on how to shape ur carreer from Professors, colleagues etc...

If u dont convert IIMI, first decide on ur career path - CA/CS/ICWA or MBA, then accordingly join a company which will take ur career in the right direction..

I must admit ur CV is something HRs would make a beeline for u...

thank u for ur advice...i agree tht earning degrees is nt wat is wen i was 18 i decided to do CA,CS n CWA only as all these r related to each othr nd nt 23 aftr workng in corporate for 1.5 yrs i realised tht i can accelarate my career growth by doing MBA frm a gd colg....i am thinkng of CFA nd FRM bcoz...2 other CAs who cleared IIMK this yr inspite of scorng less than 95%ile suggested me tht it valued by the panelists taking the PI..thts d reason
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