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hi!! bhai
I know these nos. are poor

I seem to feel that you are not valuing your achievements.
Take pride in yourself and build up your esteem.

With L2, PRM (I guess Part 1) and RBI prelims cleared you should just focus on getting a job (i.e. RBI) right now. If not then use L2 to explore CFA Society for internships.

Post 4/5 years work-ex target rank SE Asia B-Schools, like ISB, NUS or even US B-Schools.

pripripri Says
Can someone tell me if.....

re: Recognition
-Two main monitoring bodies: DEC and UGC (I am leaving AICTE, AIU, etc out of this discussion, for now)
-DEC gives approval to the Distance Learning wings (DDE) of Universities (Univs)
-UGC accredits Univs

re: Cases
-A Univ approved by DEC can run DDE for only the State it is approved for, so if DEC has approved a Univ for an X State, the Univ can run its DDE course ONLY in the state of X.
-To my knowledge only IGNOU is approved to run DDE thoughout India (PGites: Update if KSOU too is approved.)
-A Univ might have its approval revoked, because of expiry of validity or by a notification. DEC's approvals are not perpetual, it is renewable.

re: Choosing your MBA
This decision is highly contextual, here are some factors to consider while deciding:
-Your plan for the future
-Will it help you do a Phd if you want to do it later (Very critical for overseas Visas)
-If you want to migrate or study overseas, then does the target country recognise the Course/Univ
-Will you use the Degree to advance within your current organisation. Is your current organisation a stable one.
-Will you need to use your DDE degree for a better job option.
-If you don't have a job, then do you know for sure if Organisations have actually employed someone on the basis of the Degree/Cert you are targeting.
-Is your Work-experience aligned to the Certification/Degree/Specialization you are aiming for. Work-Ex is your kid. Never let it go.

-Do not base your current plan solely on past successes of others. Do factor in the change in circumstances and growing competition.
-Think laterally. Explore:
-Certificates like ISO Auditor Exam,
-Accounting Technician by ICAI,
-Company Secretary (CS) by ICSI
-Short-term Management Development Campus-programs of IIMs/XLRI
-IIM/XLRI-programs conducted by HUGHES
-Distance Learning Certificates of Symbiosis, NMIMS, etc.

Finally, do not spend too much time (over)analysing: Plan, Enroll, Finish.

All the best.
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notlookinglike Says
...i finished my b.e.eee and i am a 2009 passout student...i had about 70..percent in academics...

I want to suggest that to stay engaged, remain intellectually inspired and avoid unhelpful thoughts, you may sign up with a community that provides development and maintenance support to Open Source Software (E.g. the UBUNTU support group, etc.). You don't need to invest much to start: Just an internet connection (even an infrequent one will do) and a PC or Laptop.
Members of such communities (my experience is of UBUNTU) are serious and youll like interacting with them; Who knows, you might even have a paying opportunity coming your way.
You can even highlight your contribution in your B-School essay, later
Best wishes.
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The Rainmaker by John Grisham.
I would rate it as his best piece of work right after 'The Innocent man'

@Dark Miasma: I feel, "The Chamber" is Grisham's best; It touches a wide variety of sensitivities, besides the ones in the core plot.
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Double post. Regret.

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Adding a point to @suyash_rix's superb summary; The Charter is awarded only after you acquire the specified work-ex.
zener diode Says
can anyone tell me the cost of pursuing international CFA?

The fee-structure is on the page titled "CFA Exam Fee Schedule" on the CFAINSTITUTE's website.

For Level 1, the fee is USD 1110 (400 + 710) for a new registrant, if paid by 17 February 2010.

Do explore the site to know more.

hi everybody,
I need some information. I have already registered for CFAL1 for June 2010. Today I received an email saying that my course shipment has been dispatched. I wanted to know whether there are any additional custom charges that i am supposed to pay.

Eric Cartman

I received it in Delhi last year. I was not required to pay any custom charges.
topgun007 Says
can anyone plz tell me about the level of difficulty of maths in CFA plz

Assess yourself.
You could browse the CAFINSTITUTE's site, get hold of the syllabus even look at sample Qs too.
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