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Only a few days left before internship gets over and we head off to yet another amazing year of GIM life. Meanwhile I got the opportunity to attend the Summer Alumni meet in Delhi. I know why so many alumni come to these meets year after year. It gives them the opportunity to reflect upon probabl...
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Please don't fiddle with the name "Mandwa". Ensure that H5 is called Mandwa only
Looking forward to Samriddhi. GIM here I come.
I am B.Tech in Electronics & Telecom with < 2 yrs IT experience.
What can be the PI questions bombed on me from my graduation background?

Please browse through last 20-30 pages, you would found all these details discussed here.
Hello Seniors,
How is placement scenario for Operations?

no matter what happens, i will not give up....

Placement scenario is good for operations. This was the first batch (2010-12) when operations was available as major. There were some very reputed companies with good profile, details of which will be shared once the placement report is published.
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tkartikkumar Says
Is it OK to carry a pen and paper and list down things wen people are talking? i tend to go blank somtimes :banghead: this way i'll remember... i do understand that i shouldnt spend time on writing but on listening and talking! but still... is it normal?

Yes, you can carry a blank sheet and pen with you unless prohibited by the panel. Generally its ok with them.
Seniors kindly give some probable questions for Computer Science freshers?

What kind of details can be asked about the final yr project ?

Please browse through last 20-30 pages. You would find a lot of relevent information regarding GD/PI tips in general and strem specific information in particular.
what all companies visited the GIM for marketing students?

(i would mention marketing as my specialization,if asked, and need this in defense to that)


You may refer to the placement report available on the GIM website. There you will be able to see the past recruiters at GIM. The placement report for current year will be shared as soon as it is published. Till then please refer to the mentioned document.
ClassicSupreme Says
Can anybody let me know how many seats are there in GIM through CMAT..?

As far as we understand, the number of seat is not reserved for either through XAT or CMAT. Based on the performance of the students a consolidated list will be created and a merit list will be published accordingly.
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I have been trying to know about the topic " UN a toothless tiger". I could only understand that due to the ineffective sanctions imposed by US on Iran, the former has earned the title of toothless tiger.

Can someone give me more insight on the in why it is called so? and is the reason mentioned above correct?

There are many issues here. Once a country has become the member of the UN, it has to sign some treaties and abide by some commonly agreed laws in order to protect the peace and harmony in the world. Now countries bypass the treaty in order to protect their vested interest in the matters of international conflicts.

UN has not been able to do anything in case of a stronger nation whereas the weaker nations are generally made to toe the line.

Some of the examples are that of Syria, Iraq and many more.

I am listing some links here, go through them and get back in case you need further help.

A Toothless Tiger
Is the UN a Toothless Tiger
UN- a 'toothless' tiger??? | BMJ
Take Back Australia - UN is a toothless tiger.
The United Nations Is Only A Toothless Tiger Burma Digest

You have to see examples of how it has been effective/ineffective against stronger/weaker nation in case of a conflict and take a stand accordingly.
Enceladus Says
How is the issue of proxy attendance dealt with then?

There are some random checks and attendance taken by faculty as well as PGP Office. The issue of proxy attendance is dealt with very seriously.

There is a digital display which gives the count of RFID cards swiped for the class. Since the seating capacity of each class room is fixed and exactly equal to the total strength of the section, the number of vacant chairs is equal to absentees. So its pretty easy for the faculty to figure out.