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Fringant..your post was on Mumbai Mirror today!

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hi every1,

it seems most of the people with both mdi and nitie calls are prefering for mdi......

I doubt if you can generalize it that way. Because in my batch, we have more than a couple of guys atleast who joined MDI and then came back to join NITIE.
Hi Puys,

Just got a small information from my fren in NITIE. He said the following:

"result thoda delay ho gaya hai bcos of OBC thing...will be out by Friday."


Rakesh is right to an extent. The OBC quota thing is causing a minor delay here. The result-announcement might at the max go till friday, though it is as much likely to be announced even as early as tomorrow..

Keep fingers crossed.
he told me to chek the results in the morning itself. coz students r only gonna upload the results. lets wait n watch.
i will call him n ask for some more details

May I know who is your friend here in NITIE? Students have no take in either uploading the results, nor its timing.
shakul aggarwal Says
Could anyone of you please throw some light on the GD/PI process.

I dont think professors/interviewers go by any specific template for the process. It is candidate specific. And as cliched as it might get, the interview follows the way you tend to lead it to. If you think you are more confident on your workex fundas give more time for it in your introduction sentence.

Likewise for GD, as for myself I did not have a case study. (My topic was something related to advertising in India). But, nothing can be said. Be prepared for anything..

Suren, I guess IMPACT @ NITIE should be able to answer your query better. You can visit the forum on my signature. There is a thread for this specific issue..

All the people have been called at 8am for their respective days. Will all be having the GD/PI at the same time? Is it possible that we have our GD/PI in the evening as well but will hve to reach in the morning only???

Please clarify this as i have to apply for the leave and book the tickets.
Will we get accomodation also? What do we have to do for the accomodation?

Congrats to everyone who have got a call this time. As for accomodation, you guys need not worry as you shall be provided one. And Shakul, to answer your question, Yes, you need to be here at 8 in the morning. The GD and the subsequent PI shall be conducted in batches only, but it is necessary that you come at 8. But don't worry you shall have a nice time around..

Hi Vignan,
Regarding the programmes in NITIE, I must tell you that you would not fall short of opportunities. And being in Mumbai, you would not realize the advantages that beckon until you actually land here..

In fact, NITIE has three programmes this year, PGDITM( IT- mgmt) included.. The curriculum takes care of all the areas.So, you have enough opportunities to gauge your area of interest before taking the call..
Do not worry abt that..

And if you wanted to know abt how much experience you need and stuff, I tell you it is partly your personal decision and partly when you actually crack the test..

Here, we have a wide range of workexes..So, there is nothing like how much u need to work before doing an MBA..There are advantages and disadvantages at every level...

Cadbury India for me...(SCM)

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Vivekanand, guess people here in NITIE have enough things to keep themselves occupied...PG reminds of the bad old days when we slogged off for CAT...

Now that module 1 is finally over, moi back to PGing..