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Hi guys,
I am going to start my GMAT preparation ... which is the best institute for it in hyd ??

bro no hard feelings..
go through previous pages..u met a number of post regarding this...
i saw many post who only apply for PGDM got ERD group...

hey .. I just wanted to share what I heard from them during my GDPI ...
I dont want to correct anyone ...
people who applied PGDM and got call for ERD grp is a diffenert issue... but once one gets a group the classification will be similar as I wrote... its not my view ... it is what WE representatives told during the process ....
E means nothing logical here for candidates....
u applied for PGDM only then hv to go through only one PI...
all the best...

E stands for E-Biz
D- Design

group E ----> PGDM or PGDM+ E-Biz --> one interview
group ED ---> PGDM+EBiz+ PGDM(Design) --> 2 interviews
group EDR ---> PGDM + E-Biz + Design + Retails ---> 2 interviews

I attended the process in bangalore...
PGDM+ E0Biz /only PGDM ----- only one PI
if u apply for PGDM design --- 2 PI

2nd interview is for PGDM design specifically ....

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repeated post ...

135mins Says

please tab batana jab results aa jaye ... everyone knows that results not out

n y d hell ders no thread for part time mba aspirants??????????

instead y dont u start a new thread ... so nobody else can say y the hell it is not here ......
Respected Seniors...
wrk ex-2.5 IT(Very good MNCs)
Ext Curr- decent mentionable
Essay wriiten in WE form- not impressive
Any chance for call??
Any key point to convert the call if I get ..pls help

Not converted -GIM

start your preparation for GDPI ...
I can bet for a sure call for u
enigmaticpranav Says
Psychometric test had no weightage. However, how is it possible that you did not complete some questions? The software does not let you go to the next set of questions unless you have completed all in the previous set.

I appeared for the process at bangalore and we had peper based test..
couldn't complete the paper in the given duration.

Hi seniors,
I couldn't complete 3-4 questions in the Psychometric test.. will it affect my chance of selection?