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programs from all the IILM's are residential...?
is it mandatory to stay in a hostel...?

yups for the first year atleast..
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Hi. :D
M going to join gurgaon campus soon so want to know about residential facility.
I m interested in taking some PG around d campus and coming on 28th so please tell me about some girls PGs around so that i can visit and also about flats on sharing basis.
Thanks in advance.

m also joining IILM Gurgaon..i guess 4 outstation students hostel is compulsory 4 first yr..
Anurag Chauhan Says
m also planning the same...arnd 1st week of march..had they confirmed ur changed campus??hey its v laborious 2 tak on dis yaar..dont u thnk v shud hav a chat on gmail/orkut??

yups dey hv confirmed change of campus.
check ur PM.
hey why u took lodhi road...change the cmpus 2 the gurgaon whn r u planning to visit the campus..
hey can u chat with me rite nw on gmail..may i kw ur gmail id??

hey i hv changed it to gurgaon.i told u earlier i'll only go if dey'll change it to gurgaon.i m planning 2 visit the campus sumwhere around 1st week of march.wat about u??
Anurag Chauhan Says
yup i gave cat, but unfortunately didnt filled any college form..wat abt u?? yar i went 2 coachn few dayz back..had a talk with manish sir, vijayant sir n hemant sir..they were jst havn few colleges on their tongue...ALLIANCE,CHRIST,MS RAMAIAH & IILM..Well many things are goin in my head..2day i received the admissn lettr..hv u received it?

Yups i too received it 2day. i dint gave CAT so i guess IILM is a decent choice 4 me.n also my family wont allow me 2 take up a coll in south india.So i guess IILM will work 4 me.
Anurag Chauhan Says
hv done engineering n did my coaching fm pathfinder??yar m also lukn fr ms ramaiah as an option coz m hell lot hassled bcoz of the approval fiasco..which coll r u fm n ur stream???

hey i also did my coaching frm ramaih is a good coll indeed bt dey hv 2 coll running under d same mgt out of which only one is good.d oder coll is having 2009-11 as their first batch.So pls check before making ne decision.
Did u gave CAT??

All d Best..:)
hii anamika,

Yes IILM lodhi road n gurgaon both r havn the same approvals..Actually the college is treated as 1 but the campuses r 2 as per my knowledge..well m also fm bhopal n hv made my mind to go gurgaon campus..wat abt u???

i got selected 4 lodhi road.have send an email 2 dem 4 change of campus.if dey'll change i'll go to gurgaon...
u r frm which coll/stream??
anamikabpl Says
Are both lodhi road and gurgaon approved by joint committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC.??

hey pallavi.21 pls reply 2 my query??


wat is d procedure of changing campuse at IILM?


IILM is approved by a joint committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC and provides a diploma (PGDM - regular course) along with a degree (MBA - correspondence course). Its not a dual degree, but at the end, u get a diploma and a degree.

For any further queries, please feel free to contact.

All the best....

Pallavi - Student of IILM, Gurgaon
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Are both lodhi road and gurgaon approved by joint committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC.??