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A very Happy Birthday Sumanth
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When and where?
I'm in for the meet.

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I never knew what PG world is like, ever before this meet.
Never knew why they are Pagalguys and have the capability of making a complete stranger, a lifelong fan of PG.

Well, well, well, not repeating myself but
Thanks doc for making me a part of this Awesome M(afia)eet.
Excuse me please for I might forget mentioning someone.

The journey started and introductions started with PG Ids.I was: and soon I was :. Met Smarip, BMR, Rana, Sneha, Sandeep, Harry, Dr. Kunjan, Dr.Akshar, hungrymind, Tender, Rozelle, Anjali, Grondy, Sukita. The drive wasand the scenic view. Soon we started playing Housie and there began the 1st ever game of MAFIA, which could not just end.
After repeated reminders from the driver, we stopped mafia and were playing DumC. Soon, I was and the night hawkers did not stop .
Early morning, we reached Bengaluruu. Everyone was excited and such a long journey added on to the excitement. The game of cricket began along with people playing TT,Badminton, Carrom etc. Rain dance and the Pool were a majot attraction however.
Interaction sessions with Bengaluruu, Chennai and Delhi junta followed by games again. The great efforts of PGHQ for the night showed up well.
The Rampwalk by doc and others, pagalguy's Salsa with the PG people, (Award ceremony) were super duper hit. Sumant's words are inscribed in everyone's mind. Not to forget the band performances by Suspended, Mechie's performance, PP's dance.
By the time I got up in the morning, I could see people still playing MAFIA and photo-sessions going on.
Bid adieu to the place with a hope that I see you all soon. And the journey back to Mumbai-->MAFIA.
And I'm glad to be declared as the Official Mafia by Mumbai Junta.
Bye Puys and soon..


I've used Samsung Duos(Dual SIM) and the volume is bad..
Nothing can beat Nokia in this.

My favorite is:
However, is pretty good.

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Reading Snapshots from Hell (Peter Robinson, about his experiences during 1st yr of MBA).
Nice one.
Reviews after am done with it!!

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Krishna Sheshadri @thegreatkrishna
For those with 'good news' at the end of the MBA admissions season starts an entirely new and bigger phase of money-bleeding --- for paying tuition fees, living expenses and buying that inseparable appendage of business
Ana Aggarwal @anaagg

A really bad experience with Dell. No proper servicing for an under-warranty system even. So a Complete NO NO for Dell.

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Only the likes of Anjali Mullati can make a statement like the one above. A graduate from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM L, batch of 1993), Anjali has done more than just graduating from a prestigious co
Ana Aggarwal @anaagg

Super. Thanks Lajwanti for this article, and keep posting more of such pieces. Not all can give back to the society, its indeed an eye-opener.

A.R.Rahman Live in Concert - May 29, 2011, Palace Grounds, Bangalore 7 pm.

Anybody going?

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