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Shruthi R @shrusr
Converted, and joining! Anyone around from Bangalore?? :grin:
Amrutha A @amruu6

Hey I am from Blore too...Just sent the initial acceptance letter

Hello Everyone ,I too got an admit from schulich India..But I have nt got any info abu the fee structure of the course can anyone throw some light on the same

  • This is as of today. May get revised later since they are.... 09 Apr '13.
  • 09 Apr '13.
Chethan Sreedharan @chethanrv 24
This is as of today. May get revised later since they are still working on it as stated on the website. Last year it increased by 10K for us during June 2012.
Masoud Khakdaman @MasoudKhakdaman
@oingpoing @abhi0988 @ShekharRaiwani @ManishSharma85 @mohit1980 Hi Dear Classmates My email is, Please share me your info.
Amrutha A @amruu6

Hi all,Did anyone with a score of 650 or below with 3-4 yrs exp got an admit from MISI

Can anyone throw some light about the Visa process ??How long does it normally take considering the fact that we are yet to get the hard copy of the admission package?

hey guys even i got an admit from UoFc ..any idea when should we pay the initial installment of fees after sending the confirmation amount ?

was anyone from blore provisionally

selected based on gmat score ???Can you please share your gmat score also ?

How long does it take for the application to be reviewed.Since

I had submitted my complete application on 26th feb,by when can i expect a reply from the adcoms?


Hey I am one of the prospective students for schulich..As i have known from your posts that a friend of yours is tudying there.Can you please let me know about his/her contact so that I can get in touch and enquire about the program and application process.

Congrats on your admit too.Can you throw light on the app essays ,interview and how would you manage finances?
  • Hi there, turns out the guy who I was in touch with (a co.... 20 Dec '12.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster @macjas 12
Hi there, turns out the guy who I was in touch with (a cousin of a close friend) has not been taking my calls/emails recently so I'm not sure whats up with him. But, I would suggest contacting versatile30 as he has waay more contacts with Schulich alumni and is also way ahead with research than me.

As far as the application is concerned, you can find out about the process from the Schulich website. As far as the essays go:

1. Create a good story that highlights your unique strengths.
2. Also be prepared to demonstrate why a Schulich MBA is an important step in your career path.
3. Demonstrating your leadership skills & ability to work in a team is a plus.
4. Showing international experience is a big plus since Schulich puts a lot of emphasis on globalism.

As far as interviews go, I have no idea since I did not have one.


Personally, I'm looking at a budget of 55 lakhs. I'm going to take a 25/30 lakh loan and the rest is going to come from my parents. As far as loans are concerned, you can get upto 30 lakhs from SBI. Credila can offer you more depending on your colateral. However, the interest rate is higher. Check out the websites for more info.

Good luck with your journey and hope I helped even a little!

Those who have legal experts contacts please find out about the PIL and the procedure to file one.I have contacted one person ,he is in court and ll get back to me only by evening .Meanwhile, if any one else is already aware of the procedures can you please take some initiative to file one.

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We want the Pune guys to be more active on this ,SIU is a big name there .We know its gonna create more impact and our chances of having a re-exam would increase if there are protests rt at the epicentre.Rohith has done a good job of creating awareness but we need more support across other locations too.

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