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going through my mails now

is the invite sent from ?

waiting for the interview invite

submitted on 5th jan
cant figure out what went wrong...

700 / 106 / pre sales consultant / 7 years / Co - founder nanotech firm

@debjeet said:
Hari - I'm almost confident that the R1 applicants won't be more than 1300 definitely. I submitted my app at around 11.45 on 15th September and my app no was below 1210.... Would you think more than 90 apps were submitted in the last 15 mins?
I attended an infosession at mumbai - vashi with ISB adcom - Mr Rupesh
95% of the applications were submitted during last 5 hours for fall 2012

He suggested to be ready with the app a week in advance.
I submitted my app on 12th morning

had a really brutal one today

no hopes
best luck
@sannidhi said:
@akki.oceanic Oh! Can you share some details? @Fir_se_applying
hey why dont you call them to get some data on them reapplicants...
they are very helpfull...
since this was my first time applying to any b school , i called them a bunch of times.....they are pretty fast

the girl who answers the phone is sweet as hell....

@will_i_make_it said:
Are calls are still releasing........Have all the calls for Hyd(MUM) released.....Does 710 is considered lower score for ISB calls....any comments will be appreciated.....
consider holistic approach while checking the school fit.
Check the data here

if the avg age is 100 and your age is 110 - thats 10% variation - which is not much - so its ok
but if your age is 200 - its still ok - but they may ask - why so late?
If you dont answer that question in your essays - you may not get the interview call

same is with the score
if your score is 780 - why ISB why not S/H/W
make sure you have answers to all these questions

if you score 580 and have a tremendous business potential otherwise ,....they will welcome you

Go through the class profile , check academics , electives , student clubs.....if you are not the right fit , you will know that , and most importantly you will know WHY....

please ignore in case you think i am wrong.
@Shoan said:
@amolku Bombay brother! Kickarse!
@saiprasadt said:
I am willing to take admission for the class of 2014 at ISB. My academics are as follows. 10th 85% 12th 85% B.Tech(Mechanicical) -65%, 6 years work experience( IT). What could be the minimum GMAT score should I need to achieve to put myself in competition. I keep hearing that there is not bar for the score. But still I am expecting from ISB Alumni to provide a minimal information so that I give my focus on GMAT, Essays, Profile accordingly.
I would like to re-phrase your question, if I may.
You may want look for ways to improve your profile instead of trying to improve just the GMAT score.

Example :
If your undergrad schools is not a regional top 5 schools , you should aim for higher GMAT score , specifically high quant score. High quant score is always appreciated.

If your gmat score is sufficiently close to the school gmat average , but you have low verbal score and miss the balance in the score , you may take toefl. Now many applicants miss this. Taking toefl and scoring good clearly shows initiative and capability.

If you think you have no community service experience , well enroll in an NGO. I did so.
Apart from many memories from the camps , I have loads of real life experiences , and so a good humanized application essay.

Learn guitar , learn french , get certified....well this is all i did with gmat prep.
only gmat will not help , must not help , if it does , dont go to that school , you will find yourself in company of bozos. and thats really scary thing to happen.

Please ignore my post if you do not agree to my plan....
Best of luck with gmatprep n apps....
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Hi Frnds
I have just started my preparation for GMAT, willing to take in June 2012
Can anybody tell me about new pattern and what are the changes as compared to existing pattern

1 new section to replace 1 essay question
IR - sample questions available on The Official GMAT Website
12 questions - 30 minutes
non progressive section

section sequence -
Break 8 mins
Break 8 mins

Exam duration remains the same.
New pattern kicks in on 5th June