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  • 26 karma Delhi iviews are continuing to be Delhi iviews this year too :)

really last year also delhi iviews were like this??

i think the panel just enjoys interacting with participants there is no formula thats why the iview runs in so many different directions
btw i also enjoyed that it was just like another daydream 4 me where my thoughts keep racing all around.

also can somebody shed some light on the placement scenario
what i was told during my interview is that across all the courses not just in GMP they are having difficulty in placements.
one of the panelist even suggested me to make a list of gain Vs. loss at home & think about it with a clear mind before coming to any conclusion.
if it is really true that they r having issues with placements, then i laud the upfront honesty of xl.

btw my profile
XAT 91.5 met some one with a XAT score of 97.x during iview.
around 7 yrs work ex across various engineering domains.
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had my i/v today at delhi.
most important thing
1. you shud have a fair idea with the financial numbers of your org. as well as of your project.

i will call 3 profs as L/ M/ R
M: tell me about yourself
( i told abt usual stuff and specifically concentrated on my hobbies with the assumption that may be they wud discuss it.)
R: why do you want to leave your is a gud job must be well paying.
(said wanted to move to business consulting and i told my earlier job was paying more than current indirectly trying to hint money is not the only motivation also hoping may be it leads to further discussion on it )

Till this question i/v progressed in the usual yada yada fashion and according to what a usual candidate prepares.after this it totally went on to a different tangent

L:you said u work with explosives why india is spending on so much on building bombs arms etc. when millions die due to malnutrition and abject poverty this spending is a waste for a common it justified.

Me: yes
L: how
Me: said it is a necessary evil also quoted sun tzu " if u want peace then prepare for war":banghead:

M: so you are justifying american action in afghanistan ( stumped how did discussion jumped to afgan.)

Me:Sir i agree that the challenge in front of india is very great but you just can not stop spending on arms and sir it is not for the select few it is for whole nation.
M: how much is india's research budget on defence in percentage basis out of the total allocation for research.
Me:sir i dont know on percentage basis but i quoted the amount allocated.
M:do you know it is 60% of the total funds allocated for research in all the sectors.
L: are u trying to say that greater good must be sacrificed for the benefit of select few.
Me: sir this spending is for every body rich and poor alike.
L:Justify how do i personally benefit from it , for me making bombs is a total wastage.
(now comes the fun part)
Me:(raked up my brain and came up with a statement)
Me:sir it indirectly help economy of the country also.
L & M(together):how:o:o (was expecting it the moment first statement slipped out of my mouth)
me: sir it helps by providing a climate of certainty for economic development
L: how:o
me:sir what happened after 26/11 ( was not sure of what point to make)
and for what happened after 9/11(was trying to link economic slump with attacks)
good security provides people with certainty on the on going of economy and returns of the people if security is bad who will invest.
R:what happened in 26/11 was highlighted because the people involved were wealthy otherwise it wud have been a different case but daily so many poor people die because of hunger do you know officialy 10,000 people die because of hunger so how do you justify it(now we are back to square one)
Me:sir what happened in 26/11was not attack on rich or poor the incident was an attack on india's it does not matter whether the attack took place at taj or trident or cst it was an attack on india.
M: ok what newspaper do you read
Me:(hesitantly) usually hindustan times.
M: there was a story in yesterday's times of india(had enough of ethical dilemma by now)
M: it was about a boy who was alleged to be a terrorist he was arrested put in jail for 12-13 years in b/w his father died his mother died due to brain hemorrhage due to shock an he was acquitted of all but one charges out of 18
L:so it is like that police forces etc they just arrest anybody label them terrorist
M: spoil the life of a whole family see what has happened to that family it is the poor who are victimized.
L:so we are wasting money on police etc.
Me:sir it is a very unfortunate incident but it does not mean that we have to abandon the whole system the errant police men can be charged and the system can be fixed.
L:yes it is.
M: so will u resign.
Me:sir sabbatical
M:how u told me u have not informed office about it then how sabbatical they will refuse it.
Me:sir i think i will get sabbatical.
L:frankly iam telling you once again if u come then dont come with any expectations about placements the situation this year is not good.
L: ok thank you you can go now.

So this is all
ATB to fellow puys.

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anybody from NCR willing to share 2010 ims simcats pls pm me.
wud be glad to share last 04 year's time aimcats and cl mocks.

So no one from NCR having 2010 IMS Simcats !!!
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does anybody have the totalgadha algebra ebook??please let me know..

all i can say is that tg's ebooks are not worth even if you are getting them free, already wasted my time on them my advise practice from somewhere else.

P.S. if you are still not convinced then esnips or 4shared are your best bet

anybody from NCR willing to share 2010 ims simcats pls pm me.
wud be glad to share last 04 year's time aimcats and cl mocks.

Hi can anybody tell how to find tens digit of


I think may be mod 100 will give answer but that method is quite tedious,
any shortcuts.

Help appreciated & thanks in advance

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IMHO all are equally good/bad, finally it boils down to your efforts.
so just join the nearest one

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What is the difference and formulas for these two cases
1. No. of ways of dividing m+n different things into two groups containing m and n things.
2. dividing 2n different things into two groups containing n things.

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