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mujhe chadd ke sab punjabiyon ki 4 ko hai. Reservation ka to ab tatkal me hi karvana padega lagta hai......

anyone from chandigarh with the same time slot?

Drank all night...... in at 53
5 feb afternoon quater to twelve slot

Where is the gdpi thread.. Time to gear up...

:nono::nono::nono::nono::):):):) first post



Well It seems those people on the phone back in SIMS are having a hell lot of good time scaring the shit out of us.. "bus aa gya 5 min mein"

Got a old monk in my lap. List aate hi kholunga. If got shortlisted to Khushi me, nahi to gam me.



This anxiety is killing me

To pass time, i'll post some lovely smileys


I am also getting the same message as the guy above me. And still my query is unanswered.

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Background pic of Rajasthan_ by Emmanuel Dyan. _Foreground pics of Shastri Institute which has applied for closure of its management wing_ The website of Pearl Institute of Management in Bhilwara (PIMB), Rajasthan

Prerana sure made my day, also do visit the website of pearl institute of management, its a laugh riot. 'ADDMISSION PROCEDURE'.

My SIIB registration page is showing payment status as

Payment Due Rs.1000
Payment Received at SIIB Rs. 1000

I have with utmost care completed the application process. Still why is it showing rs 1000 due?:-(
Is there anyone from SIIB who can help me out on this?

I am not James Bond but it takes little common sense to make out that foul play in the conduct of examination was there. Read along before hitting no thank you button.

The moment I saw the list fortunate guys who made it to the cut off list I noticed that the guys getting maximum marks had same score. May be coincidence, I thought but another thing worth noticing was that there is little difference between their roll nos (190509 and 190514). To check out I traced there roll nos in detailed result and whole game got unfolded in a moment. Check the jpeg I have attached. All the nine guys highlighted in the pic have made it through and there is little to differentiate between the form nos they had purchased (second column). Also 4 people have got exactly same score in GK, the nos of both toppers are suspiciously same. Also only one guy has got marks below 350 and that too is 324, above the average of the marks got by rest of the guys who have made it through.

We can imagine 1, 2 or 3 people making it through in a consecutive row but 9 people with about similar scores tell the tale.