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I havent recieved any call letter by post or even any mail???

what am i supposed to do?

I am on the same boat bro.,though my Application form reached FMS on 3rd april.. worried if that may be the reason.
Let it be, dont wana turn this into an argument.

whats done is done. Peace.

In case u wana continue this, do it on PM

Me too bro.. no arguements.. Peace!
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sid1989 Says
By ur own admission it means that the call itself wasn't that imp to u. is it?

I am not sure about the basis of this inference.
Bro, there's no point putting the fault on the college. It isnt that the issue wasnt mentioned on their website. It was! just as some of u are blaming the institution for not following simple norms, the college can ask the same q to u, that in spite of aspiring to be a successful manager u forget the basic fact of a follow up?

Just bcs SPJAIN did it, there's no reason NITIE does it.

Tell me offc main koi customer ka product delivery time aata hai to do u wait for the customer to nag u? or do u do it urself?

Now let go off the topic, bcs this thread ain't meant for discussing it.

Dude don't compare uncomparable.Before delivering a product you are working days and nights on that project. And I don't think it was ever published on NITIE home page or even a ticker below the picture bar.
gupta_varun Says
it was considered in my case. i mailed it on 12th feb

I understand that there is no point in complaining now, but want to put my opinion.
Factually being a mistake from candidate's part, it is also a mis management from college side . Unlike engg. we have to fill a dozen of forms for MBA and that too quite a long time before the result comes.Every college have different criteria and different deadlines. If you are not active on pagalguy and working where rarely MBA admission things are discussed, Its quite possible to forget a thing told 2 month ago which was never reminded as is evident from previous posts on NITIE Forum.Many guys were enquiring about missing Score submission deadline.

If you look at other colleges procedure they either took CAT Score directly (like MDI,FMS) or they sent multiple reminders (like S.P.Jain). NITIE did none.
A reminder mail would have cost nothing but have ensured a smoother procedure.

Didn't get call at CAT OA 98.99
Sectionals both arnd 98
seems like they have not considered my score as i had not updated it on portal by 4th.Though I did mail my scorecard on 8th and also got hardcopy submitted at NITIE admission desk by a Senior.
Is Score card submitted after 4th not considered.
Seniors Please help... I was counting on this one.
I have mailed NITIE about my concern but haven't got any reply yet.