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Yesterday they told 10 days ... Today again they are telling 10 days ..

Yaar ye ginti nhi jante kya .. always 10 :(

They know counting but even they are not sure about the exact date. They are answering our queries just to shake of answering them. I think its better not to wait for the result. Jab aana hoga tab aa jayega.
amitkumardube Says
150 around from delhi.. No idea about other locations.

Let me correct the values.. Sorry for the last update. Its around 60-70 from delhi who appear for PI.

150 around from delhi.. No idea about other locations.

mba85pag Says
nice statistics dude.. so u mean to say that results will be out by 18 feb after 8 PM....

Means Need to wait for two more days. really tough. Lets hope they follow the same trend and should not delay it further.
rakiish Says
these days whenever i get a call from unknown number on my cell, I feel that's it.. but ALAS !!

Same here man. I am still looking for a unknown call that should belong to ICICI. Hope to get it soon.

Hi Puneet
I think VLM will better than ICICI. Manufacturing sector will deginately have an upper edge than any other sector. I think if you are from manufacturing background then its better to go for this program.
I will share some more facts regarding betterment of Manufacturing sector in our next posts.
Hope that will help you.

Hi Guys, any idea about the the locations where interview was conducted?

Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
MAH-CET, another important entrance examination for MBA aspirants MAH-CET test will be conducted on *Sunday, February 21, 2010 *at 2:00 PM at Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhuvaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Indore,

This is very useful for me.. thnx

Hi , this is Amit. I am working in TCS and preparing for CAT . I joined weekend classes in TIME.