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wonderful post amit with details that we were yearning to get.. :grab:

btw i am intrested in consultancy and wanted to know if accenture dint come this time.. ?

and moreover your placement report says $70K avg for international offers.. how many got international offers and wat company??? pls reply..


How can i forget that??:

Yes Accenture participated in the process. And TSMG also participated. They were jewels in the crown. I should be penalised for not mentioning them here

Foreign Placements I will PM you. Cant disclose the details here becoz of some confidentiality issue.

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Hi Frens,

To start with, congrats to all those who have made it to DMS IITD.

To answer the queries regarding the profile and the organisations, I think the undermentioned information will be of assistance.

Final Placements:

  1. No. of Students Placed: 17
  2. Few Organisations that visited were Kotak Mahindra, Citibank, SBI, ICICI Prudential, E Funds Intl etc.
  3. Profiles offered were Corporate Finance, Treasury, Equity Research, Operations, Marketing to name a few.
  1. No. of Students Placed: 18
  2. Few Organisations that visited were IBM, CSC, Wipro, Infosys, McKinsey KC, Patni, HCL Group, E Clerx etc.
  3. Profiles offered were Process Manager, Business Analyst, Consulting(Wipro), Sales and Marketing (1 Student)
  1. No. of Students Placed: 10
  2. Few Organisations that visited were IBM (BCS), E&Y;, Avalon Consultancy, PKC etc.
  3. Profiles offered were broadly in Financial, IT and Management Consultancy.
  1. No. of Stundets Placed: 10
  2. Few Organisations that visited were DHL Worldwide, Maruti, Bharit Televentures etc.
  3. Profiles offered were in field of Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Sales.
The total batch size was 55. You guys are already having details of salary figures, so I dont think there is any need for me to mention them once again.

I hope any apprehension(if there was any) about diverse profile not being offered at DMS IITD will be put to rest after this detailed information.

I also read in some post that organisations are offering differential at DMS. I will like to make it very clear that DMS does not allow any organisation to participate in the placement process, if its giving a differential salary and profile.

Summer Placements:

Some people have also enquired about the summer placements for our batch. Whole of our batch has been placed. Organisations where students have been placed are American Express, Citibank, IBM, Citifinancial, TNT, Maruti, Glenmark Pharma,HSBC, Pepsico International, Mindtree Consulting, Tata Technologies, Reserve Bank of India, GE Energy, GE Plastics and ICICI Bank.

Profiles across all the verticals have been offered for summers.

In case you guys are having any other query related to placements, feel free to ask us.

I will like to end by saying that placements is not an issue at DMS IITD. What differentiates DMS IITD from others is not just the placements but a whole lot of other things that Madhur and Naval have been talking about. Concentrate on two years at DMS which your seniors are trying to show u. I get this feeling ppl are more worried abt the 1 day (placement day) and not about the rest 729 days they are gonna spend here.

Wish u all the luck and welcome u to the DMS IITD family.

Amit Kumar
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Nice Effort,

Its good to see u guys contributing for others benefit. Good to see the juniors continuing the tradition of PG.


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Hi All,

It was nice to meet all u guys today. We are sure u all will be satisfied with the overall process. Looking forward to meet many more tmrw.


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Hi Rohit,

Thread u mentioned was last year thread. Think u guys can continue here only. What ever we are mentioning here is from our last year experience only.


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Hi All,

Now that the shortlist is out and focus is on GDPI, I thought to come up with something that might be of assistance to all the aspirants here. I m not very sure about my continuous presence on this thread because of my busy schedule, so thought of writing my understanding of GDPI for you guys. I will divide my suggestion into three parts namely:

  1. Dress Code
  2. GD
  3. PI.

Dress Code:

Think many of the people will be having this question in mind. And I m very sure many will not ask this question feeling that it might look silly asking such a question.

Now my take on this is that what u wear is an essential part of your communication skill. Your first impression on the panel when u enter an interview room is by the way you present yourself. It includes how you are dressed, how u look into the eyes of the panel, how you sit. So u should be dressed smartly and ur expressions should have oodles of confidence.

Once u get into a B School you guys n gals will have to attend a lot of seminars and presentations. So my suggestion is that this is the right time for all you guys to invest few bucks in a Business suit at this stage. A good business suit for students like us will come for about 5k.

Though its not essential, but ya it will be helpful in leaving a strong first impression.

Group Discussion:

Now that essential part of the second stage. The basic thing to understand here is What is the purpose of Group Discussion. As all of you must be knowing and I think work ex ppl will understand it better that a GD typically means taking perspectives of different ppl about a certain topic and try to come to a final conclusion. Think we all have had enough of GDs in our life. We discuss things in family to take certain decisions and also in professional life to come up with some solutions.

Keep the above said thing in mind once u appear for GD at any institute. The purpose of the GD over here is also the same. U are expected to work collectively in a team, discuss various parameters of the topic in hand and collectively come up with some observation, some conclusion or some solution to the given topic. Never ever during the course of a GD try to be over aggressive or think that your speaking skills are being tested here. It's a collection of your speaking and listening skills that are being tested in a GD.

But at the same time u have to understand that unlike the GDs that we must have experienced in our lives till now in the refined environment, here u will have to make yourself visible to the panel since u are being graded for ur performance. And grading is relative. So u will have to outperform others to get better marks.

Right approach I will tell u. But before I tell u what to do, I will tell u what not to do. U should not shout during a GD, don't indulge in one to one discussions, don't get sentimental about a view, don't demean the opinion of others, don't keep quite for god sake in case u don't know anything abt the topic, don't point fingers at others, and don't get angry and above all don't let emotions show on your face.

If u will take care of these don'ts u will automatically do all the right things.

Try to be an early starter in a GD. Early entrance into a GD makes u known to the panel as well as other members in the group. And after that whenever u will speak during the course of GD ppl as well as the panel will notice u and listen to u. Your first entrance into a discussion should not be a judgment, it should be few observations related to the topic and the content should be presented in the minimum words possible. It should be able to open the discussion. Try to create a repo with few members of the group who you think are good.

Try to divide what you are going to say during the 10-15 min of a GD into three stages. In the first stage come up with generic statements about the topic. Few observations that gives diff dimensions to the topic are fine. In the second stage try to reason out the observation u laid in front of the house. Try to reason others opinion too. In the third stage try to build an opinion with in the group about the right approach towards the topic and come up with some conclusions. 2-3 min of speaking in a 13 min GD with a group size of 10 is ideal. Try to distribute these 3 min into 6 entries during the course of a GD. Understand that you need to be visible throughout the 13 min of GD. So don't say all what you have in one go.

Think if u guys can work on these things well, u have taken good care of the GD part. And content is very imp in GD. Read something on Politics, Economy, Budget, WTO, and some recent issues. Generally you will be able to relate something from these domains to any topic u might get for GD. Speak very confidently during a GD. Have a good eye contact. Your body language should be good. Don't keep on playing with your pen or moving your chair. Its shows your anxiety.


Well this is very imp part of the process. Here u are all alone in front of the panel. And how u perform will deicide your fate. Most of the ppl screw up things over here. Because they don't get the basics right.

Now just introspect a few things. What is that the panel is trying to find out during the course of an interview. U will appreciate that the purpose of an interview is to find out how you are as a person. So what u have to do over there is to tell about yourself. And I think that this is the easiest task to do on earth. You cannot know any thing better than you yourself. So be very confident while appearing for an intw. Because there is nothing great they are gonna ask you during an intw that you will not be able to handle effectively.

Be your true self in an intw. There is no need to tell wrong things if you don't know one. Just to accept that you don't know something doesn't demean you. You can always add saying that you are in a phase of learning and are sure that with the required competency already there, you will keep on adding value to yourself.

Interview normally starts with tell us abt urself thing. Work on this question very effectively. You open up yourself in front of the panel while answering this question. They will take clues from this and ur intw can go into a direction where u want it to go, if you put this answer in a right manner. Tell ur strengths, ur acads, ur work ex, ur extra curricular. They should be able to take leads from here. If you don't give them enough leads from this answer then most of the panel ask questions from their own area of interest and strengths. And under normal circumstances u will not be able to answer them because u will not be having the correct knowledge abt that.

Get good information about the recent news. As would be managers you are expected to be abreast with the latest happening in the globalize world of today. Work Ex ppl should have all the latest developments in their domain.

Freshers should concentrate on few subjects. Final semester project should be emphasized on in the course of an interview.

Look into the eyes of the panel while discussing with them. Remember at no point get the feeling that the panel is ur life maker. Just discuss with them as u will while talking to your father. Answer their questions in the best manner possible. If you don't know something, jus say" Sorry Sir I think at this point of time I don't have information about this". And while saying this u should be confident. There should not be a sound of guilt in your voice. Remember you are not expected to know everything. But basics u shud be knowing. If u falter there, then no one can save u.

Look at all the ppl in the panel, don't keep on staring at one person in the panel as if you are having a love affair with him/her. Be cool. Don't be tensed. Its just an interview after all. There are bigger things in life than these interviews.

Think this is sufficient for you guys as of now. Will try to answer if there are more queries. Otherwise Naval, Vicky and Madhur are doing a good job here and are always available to help you guys.

Best of luck to all of you. Feel calm, be confident and give your best. You all have it in you and u will make it.


PS: Sorry for the spelling mistakes if they are there. Feeling very sleepy so they are bound to happenJ
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anuragxp Says
Congrats! Gawd save IBM's competitors

Think Eddy's comment was more apt
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Congrats to all IIT-D guys, really great placements Looks like the Class of 2006 is really lucky, it's the perfect time to pass out of a B-School Where did apne PG members get placed? What about Eddy?


Well IBM was the luckyone to get Eddy.
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crack_d_cat Says
Yeah, hope these 4 days pass quickly... Thanks a lot for the support given and wd appreciate ur help in future as well....

Always there mate. For u and many more

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crack_d_cat Says
When wd the shortlist be out yaar, waiting for the GD/PI experiences of u guys!!!

30th Jan dear. As soon as it is out gdpi gyaan will start flowing
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