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Placement Report for PRM 30 :)

Average Pay package: 8.03LPA

Average salary at Gujarat's Institute of Rural Management, Anand up by 34% - India - DNA

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
*Prof Vivek Bhandari*, Director of the *Institute of Rural Management, Anand* speaks about what the institute has been upto in the year gone by and what new things the incoming batch can expect in 2011. *
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First of all talking about the transparencey in selection process....IRMA is one of the B school in India which declares all the score (GD , PI and Written)...I dont wish to defame other institutes but there are many institutes who boast about good packages and at the end never reveal selection criteria.... I read somewhere people speaking about IIM passed created jobs for Indians....I agree wid his comment but how many of them out thousands of IIM graduates have decided to work with Development sector who work for the sustainable development of society (Very few). In our batch we have people who have converted NMIMS, MICA, IMI , IMT and many other B schools and have preferred IRMA over them...coz at the end the choice is urs....10k-15k less with a satisfaction that you are doing something for the society else working for some foreign client in any Foreign company.

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Apart from the ten photographs that won prizes in the PaGaLGuY B-school Shutterbug Photo Contest 2010, a few more caught the judges' fancies and then some stood out to us folks at the PaGaLGuY HQ. Here is a runners
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IRMA's campus shot is awesome....Tarun has tried to depict the true colors of IRMA....gr8 shot man.....

Yes you have to get the licensed is compulsory to have a licensed Windows OS.

Definitely you have to spend few more bucks on Licensed version.

Hey all...

Got a mail from Mr Janak... with 4 attachments...schedule,Cr letter,computer letter,etc...

In that it is written to report on or before 7th June 9 am.

But i had read on this forum itself that we have hostel allocation on 4th of June... Can anyone throw some light... ?

Hostel is allotted to us...and we have to just collect the keys from the main gate as mentioned in the mail.....

We just have to reach before 9 am on 7th June.......

And as far as Operating system for laptop or desktop ..... i mailed Janak sir and he replied that original Windows 7 will be fine ( even though it was not mentioned in the mail sent by IRMA )....

@Sharath -- dnt worry man....i feel IRMA will send SMS to all the ppl who move from waitlist to confirmed list as they have done earlier...

and for you I have a dialogue from OSO

"Kitni shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai.. Ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai..
Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to saari kayanath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai.."

"Aaj mujhe yakin hogaya dosto, ki hamari zindagi bhi hamare hindi filmon ke jaisa hi hai.. jaha pe end mein sab kuch theek ho jaata hai.. "Happies Endings".. Lekin agar End mein sab kuch theek na ho to woh the end nahi hain dosto.. Picture abhi baaki hai.."

so chill out.....:cheers:

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Sixpence Says
But the cutoffs were different for different that isnt the case for waitlisted candidates??....plzzzz advice!

Just a guess then in that case the seat left by category student will be filled by category only....

Seniors can help in this problem.....
Hello puys,

Any idea how the waitlist will move? I mean is it totally marks dependant or category dependant as well?

The Waitlist will move according to the final score after GDPI...and after full waitlist gets clear then a new waitlist comes in picture with reduced cutoffs....

but this year no new waitlist may come in picture ( my personal View)

I am waitlisted at no. 32.....

Its a close call for me..... let see.....

anyways i have IRMA.....

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can somebdy check the name of tanveer mohd ansari....plz??

i tried to open the pdf but it's not opening ...

Tanveer mohd. ansari is in the list of IIFT delhi...congo ....