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hey sid count me too .... I will join u guys on saturday eve ... can u guys come up with venue.

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Count me too :-P....

Guys i am new to this forum .. Can any 1 explain me the term PM and how to use it..


Hi all,

This is Pawan. A New pagal to this group. Working in Infosys. Wants to take GMT in the last week of August. I do self study. i just started my preparation. If anyone wants to join in my preparation!!! most welcome to join me... I need a partner also by the way...I also want to join the meetings that take place here. Please do inform me.

If anyone is intersted, please ping me.


hi pawan can i know where do u stay ... while i was going thru many posts here they say according to PG rules we must not post our personal information .. so how to contact u ?