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Accept the promotion. You can always resign later

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I am a level 3 candidate. I believe that the best way to learn is by teaching and hence I am very keen on helping people clear the CFA exams. I was trying to find a way to start a communities/forums/threads (for level 1, 2 and 3) where cfa candidates can publish their doubts and others can try to answer them but couldn't find it. At least I will try my best to answer your questions.

Can someone please start a community/forum where CFA folks can discuss their doubts? It will be great help.


CAT     CFA books
anyone taking CFA Level 2 in June 2009...
where can i find schweser study material?

Its available @ OM copy center in Mumbai. Must be with Laxmi Copy Center in Mumbai too.
CAT     CFA books

Write an e-mail to the CFA institute asap. They might not be able to change your exam date if you have received the books or they might even charge you substantial money if they have dispatched your books. Try to call them in order to speed up the process.

need urgent help
i registered foe CFA exam...wanted to register for cfa dec08 l1v1l 1.
but by mistake registered for cfa june 09 level 1.
pls guide me how to change the exam timings.
CAT     CFA books

yeah ... CFA Insti doesn't allow candiates to accompany any other calci (except TI BAII Plus and HP 12C, and their pro versions) ... buy TI BAII Plus .. its far easier to comprehend and use.

hi all,
can anyone tell is there any need to buy special calculators for cfa level 1 exam.
if so then which to buy and is it available 2nd hand...

European B-schools strongly emphasize that a candidate understands atleast 1 more foreign language apart from English. Do US Ivy league B-schools prefer people knowing multiple languages? I remember I read Tarun Khanna's writing where he told how one of the student at HBS rejected a high paying US job to a marketing job in China for DELL.

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US News might be useful to get the stats for any B-school, university in USA but surely it isn't smart to think school ZXY is better than ABC because it ranks higher in US News. Please look at stats, talk to alumni, people in corporate sector, academic sector to have a perception about any school. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, Kellogs and many others are some of the best but surely they can't be ranked. Moreover, I would just like to inform you all that New York times had exposed US News of deliberately manipulating the rankings to lower, degrade the reputation of REED COLLEGE (one of the finest Arts college in the world, more popular because Steve Jobs dropped out of this college) because the college had refused to officially participate in the ranking process.

U.S. News & World Report will be launching a new and improved
edition of America's Best Graduate Schools on Friday, March 28.

This is as per folks in BW forums. Also a pre take on the rankings is as below :

1) Wharton
2) Stanford
3) Harvard
4) Kellogg
5) Haas
6) Sloan
7) Chicago
8 ) Tuck
9) Ross
10) Columbia
11) Fuqua
12) Darden
13) Anderson
14) Stern
15) Marshall
16) McCombs
17) Johnson
10) Tepper
19) Kenan-Flagler
20) Yale

Any views on the rankings ?
CAT     CFA books

CFA videos are useless and time waste. Dont waste time on them unless you have hell lot of spare time apart from reading books.

Hello Guys,

I am looking for some CFA Videos. I am taking the Level 1 exam in June 2008.
I have one site that has some videos, but I need more.
Let me know please.
Thanks in advance.

I have already written Level 1. Hopefully I will be writing Level 2 next summer. Dont worry for Practice/Mock tests now. If you buy Schweser Pro from Kaplan, you will get enough test papers (atleast 6 papers). Most people in India get it photocopied, though photocopy is against CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. The choice is yours :P. Schweser is really necessary for the final touch before exam. Sometimes, it also helps when it is boring to study from CFA notes.

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Hi. The only authorized dealer of TI BAII Plus calculator in India is Cranes Software Solution in Bangalore. You can pay by credit card or draft. They will send u the calci in perfect shape by courier w/ warranty.

Avoid using HP 12C as it is very complicated to use. HP calci takes more no. of button pushes to calculate the same parameter as compared to TI BAII Plus. BA II Plus is probably cheaper than HP 12C and saves more time in examination. Try buying TI BAII Plus professional because professional calci is far more robust than the normal one and it takes fewer button pushes than TI BAII Plus (regular) for some advanced functions.

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