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what was last year cut off for pgdm financial services and international business plz help

can any one plz tell me the paper pattern of xat2012 i had heard its format has changed

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can anyone plz tell me about the xat2012 paper pattern i had heard it had changed its paper pattern

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i got in xth- 74 xiith- 71.40 grad- 1st year 61.20 (cleared wwith one atkt ) 2nd year - 61 3rd year - 62 am i eligible 4 cat, mba/mmscet , mat.atma. snap. as i hav got a atkt in my first year if yes which bschools tp apply 4 with rhis profile plz help

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Anjan1987 Says
Bt does tht really give them OMS candidature, if yes then its a disadvantage for OMS ppl and needs to be addressed as HU ppl may eat up their seats

why should ur cut offs be lower than ours . we have studied in mumbai and we have to right to do mba from any mba college in mumbai

does somaiya take donation for institute level seats like welingkars? seniors plz help

abhi_g1 Says
according to me it depends on the person to person if a person is a simple graduate with no job then they r good but if an engineer with job is applying for then the r not worth it.??:

engineers are useless they are applying for mms. it is not mms fault its their s. okey.
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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
_Among the <del>only two</del> few Padmashri recipients in the management education space, management guru *Dr Pritam Singh, Director General of International Management Institute (IMI), Delhi* is well-known for having h
amit mohanty @amit8291

i agree with u friend they have big mouth they will speak

yes u eill make it to pumba easily

yes u hav good chance of making to pumba but u should have a decent gdpi