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Hi Everyone,

I submitted the first part of the application for MBA Fall 2008 and I got an invitation for interview today.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread for McDONOUGH Interviews.

Please start posting as soon as you start your process.

Best Regards,

Great to applying for Nov 30 deadline ....whats your profile like

My profile :
Male / IT /3


Hi guys....planned to apply to boston in the first round but didnt take my TOEFL till now...does any one here got a TOEFL waiver or will they consider my application in the first round that is 15th of this month if I submit it two weeks from now.

Anyone from Pune/Bby applying ?

My profile is :

Male/ IT /3

GMAT 730


Hi Pagal guys and gals ,
congrats for all the HEC admits. I am a 2008 September hopeful for HEC.I have taken my GMAT and am in the process of completing my application.There is one problem though.I cannot find the refferal questions on the site.Will it go directly to my refrees orwill I get to have a look at it.Can anyone please tell me what refferal questions were there in the previous application.I need to discuss them and choose my refrees accordingly.

Hi All,

I am also planning to apply to Darden 2008.


Chak de,

I did OG twice and the questions were very very similar to OG.......even Kaplan 800 helps in a way......after that verbal question looks tooo tough


Hi guys, I am less than 2 weeks from my G-Day.
I have exhausted almost of the material including Princeton, Kaplan Premier, Manhattan SC, Kaplan 800 - Math and CR, OG11 - 60% of each section done.

Now I have the following things to cover:
1. OG11 - remaining 40% of each section.
2. Kaplan 800 - SC and RC

I gave a Kaplan CAT yesterday night and got a mere 560 (M 40, V 28 )
I am really depressed with the score and dont know what to do in the limited time in have in hand.

Also, another major factor for being depressed is speed. Although I got the initial Qs right in both the sections, I was too pressed for time at the end of each section and had to just click thru the last 7 Qs in Maths and last 9 in Verbal.

Looking forward to some expert advice. ??:


Dude....relax I scored exactly 560 in Kaplan and went on to score 730 ...u still have 2 weeks to go ....if you analyse your mistakes carefully and dony commit them again I am sure you will better my score and get arnd 750.....

Good luck and "Chak De"
Yupp....yu heard right!
I dont know about score800, but for the Kaplan tests you can safely add 80-100 marks to gauge your true potential.
Even I never crossed 670 in the Kaplan tests


Forget 670(thats to super in Kaplan)...I scored 560 and ended up getting 730 in the actual GMAT.Infact one will score more than most of the practise test in GMAT.I took MBa prep from ,princeton and Kaplan .....I outscored all the test in the actual GMAT byt 20-30 points..
congrats man, good score. Can you tell me one thing or anyone who has given gmat, how many questions do you see similar/same type as of OG11/OG10 in verbal as well as quant.

I have completed both and all the mock up tests that i give, i see loads of repeated/similar types of ques and thus my scores are inflated.

I am not sure what is the level of my preparation.

G-day 27th aug/bangalore

Thanks.....All the questions were very similar to OG11 ......dont know about OG10 as I didnt go thru them.....I can distinctly remember that there were atleast 5-6(Quant and Verbal combined) quesions that were repeated ...ALA taken directly from OG11.....

One more thing you will score more in GMAT than what u score in your tests for sure .......I took GMAT along wid 3 other friends and everybody had the same opinion.

have a good GMAT



Hi guys.......Finally done with my GMAT on 14th Aug

730 (Q 49, V 40)

Took the exam in Mumbai ....

Thanks Sad but true.

I would say just more of OG again and again for the RC. That is what i am doing now.

Shubh hi ...
Yeah even i would recommend no more Kaplan test sa your test date is close plus u have already scored a 600+ in Kaplan swhich believe it or not is said to be a good score.So you can be rest assured of a 700+ in ur actual test much will be added to 700 will depend upon the next 10 days and D day

I think u should aim at around 740 and above......good luck