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Thts equally gr8 too..u ll clear the cut off for sure.
Also, let me chk the score percentile comparison on this.

What are ur stats reg attempts??

And how many did u attempt in GK. The questions looked easy but The thought of attempting them was scary

I have seen somewhere in the previous posts,that a score of 52,53 is gud. Do u have any info regarding the same?

total no of Quest 46

Diagram Reasoning :7. 3 marks each - attempted all, all correct
Logical Reasoning: 5. 2marks each- attempted all , all correct
RC:5. 3 marks each - attempted just 2( time constraint) - not sure
IQ:5. 2 marks each - attempted 3 , may be 1 wrong
Numerical :10. 3 marks each, attempted 7 , maybe 1 wrong
GK : attempted 5 , all correct

total no of Quest 46

Diagram Reasoning :7. 3 marks each
Logical Reasoning: 5. 2marks each
RC:5. 3 marks each
IQ:5. 2 marks each
Numerical :10. 3 marks each
GK: 14. +1/-2

Is the marks corressponding to each section correct?? And i guess the negative marking was -1 for each of them except GK??

I dont remember exactly. Do u remember the exact number of questions in each sections,i may then recall.

Check this out.

Regional ratings: QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2012 | TOPMBA

No where it is mentioned about SPJCM.

Oo thts gr8. U just need to clear the test. Thts it. Which organization were u in? And what was the domain?

Yar, i was working at Oracle,as an associate consultant. Left the organization few months back. Exp is 35 months,to be exact. tht is the problem,i hav to face in the evaluations :(:(
What abt u??