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@sumneetgem u can cal in the office nd confirm u wud get a joining letter as far i remember

Got thru the HR prog at IMT N...can smbdy tell we if its worth joining??
how are the placements....profiles...etc..

though i havent received the letter yet.. :nervous:
and bout my gd/pi...GD was gud...but the PI...i was thru in 2 mins!they were just very delighted to see someone from psy background...!i wondr hw i got thru...!

My background...A psychology grad from DU with 10 months of exp in HR..
CAT:87 percentile..


welli would differ from anubhavs opinion and like to give a unbiased opinion first of all imtn doesnt has that best faculty for HR mktg. and fin guys dnt wrry but HR is not grt scene at imtn placements too were not grt in HR hopefully they will pick up so its ur cal if u want to go

@priyam usually first waitlist gets clear in imtn but thts my guess frm my experience atb

@parul u have a gud chance of clearing ur waitlist nuways atb

@kapil i think as far as i remeber u have to just send a draft and ur name on backside or on apaer along with it document swould be required wen u go to the campus

@killthecat absolutely agree with u 1984 is a must read it changes the way u think

@live nd let live hope federer reaches the final nd then puts up a good losing effrt in the finals

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coolrahine full info is available on imt nagpur nd ghaziabad websites so u can chk it out frm there

i hope real just slips nd barca win the league again

well nix i had acall frm both ghaziabad and nagpur and last year we didnt had this counselling thing nd wid ur ranks i think u will get ur choice course