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hey ppl...has ne1 of tried to place the order or has placed the order for Hp5118 from the link provided by Hp ppl...i tried doin so..whenever i click on the photo of the laptop n click on "add to cart" the page showing the price excluding taxes comes up...i really don't kno vat 2 do after dat...there's nothing mentioned about the payment options dat we have...i think acc. 2 d deal we can pay thro cheque/dd as well apart 4m credit card...i really don't where 2 go 4m dat page...kindly help!!

hey ppl...ne1 of u 4m chandigarh??...i'm 4m chandigarh n i was thinkin may be all d ppl 4m chd goin 2 somaiya can meet up"ll be nice 2 know each other b4hand...i wud really appreciate if chd ppl PM me their e-mail id's or contact nos so dat v can get in touch...vat say??

hey mav...kindly clarify whether v need 2 pay 3k in order 2 get d internet card or not...

Okay this is the final say on the HP dv5118tx laptop.

Final pricing.. Rs 61,000 (Incl of all taxes)

The Link will be put up tomm morning for users to access it. Username/Pwd will be known tomm, and it will be a common one for everyone. More detailes will be up tomm.

Also MP3 players are out of stock. So all the laptops will be shipped with Backpacks. (Sorry to disappoint a few of you :() Internet card will be provided, by the Operator though.

The deal will be valid till the 25th of May, which I guess is a pretty decent time.

* And all those who need Hard copies of the quotation for loan purposes, please PM me the address where you want it to be sent. The address need not be the same as the delivery address.

Any more doubts ?!

hey mav...gr8 job...i'm PMing u my ADDRESS where i wud like d hard copy of d quotation 2 b delivered....

hey maverick..great job...if it wasn't 4 u v wud not have e1 reached d figure of there's nothin 2 b disappointed bout...i'm still in..

Got this link related to taxes in various states from IBM site..
Taxes & levies

* The prices listed represent the IBM web price. Duties, shipping charges, sales tax and octroi are applicable in the following manner.
  1. Duties: Prices indicated are inclusive of customs duty and excise duty wherever applicable, as prevailing on the date of the commercial quotation. If there is any variation in any of the statutory duties like customs duty, excise duty, etc. at the time of despatch / shipment, the implications of such variation shall be to your account.
  2. Freight & forwarding charges: Prices indicated are inclusive of handling, freight and forwarding and transit insurance charges up to the point of delivery. Transportation would be either through road or rail lines. in case of air transport, as desired by you, same shall be extra at actuals. IBM would decide on the appropriate mode of despatch depending on the location and your needs. Prices offered do not cover storage insurance at your site prior to installation of the equipment.
  3. Sales tax & octroi: The prices are exclusive of sales tax. The same will be billed by IBM at actuals at the prevailing rates at the time of invoicing, except where specifically indicated. Entry tax and octroi will be charged as applicable.
These are the rates currently applicable. Please note that these rates are subject to change without any notice by the local Govts.
As per the Govt of India, Gazette notification dt 13.05.02, and directives to all state Govt's to implement from 1st June 02, The Interstate sale tax rate(CST) shall be 4% against form "C" or form "D", otherwise 10% ( or the LST rate of tax if it is higher).
Maharashtra ( Octroi ) Mumbai - 5.5 %, Thane - 4.5 %, Ulhasnagar - 4.0 %, Kalyan - 4.0 %, Nashik - 4.0 %, Pimpri (Pune) - 3.0 %, Pune - 4.0 %, Solapur - 4.0 %, Kolhapur - 4.0 %, Sangli - 4.0 %, Miraj - 4.0 %, Nagpur - 3.0 %,Aurangabad - 4.0%.
Gujarat ( Octroi ) Baroda - 4.0 %, Surat - 4.0%, Ahmedabad - 2.50 %, Rajkot - 4.0 %, Bhavnagar - 4.0 %, Gandhinagar - 4.0%.
Punjab ( Octroi ) Amritsar - 4.0 %, Ludhiana - 4.0 %.
Haryana (Development cess 4%).
Kerala ( Entry tax ) Computer Goods - 4.0 %, Scanning machine - 8.0 %, UPS - 8.0 % Note : Entry tax calculated = Total invoice value + approx freight @ %.
Jammu ( Entry tax ) - Computers & electronics - 10 %.
Orrisa ( Entry tax ) - 2%.
Certain statutory forms are required to be submitted for shipments to Assam (Form 24), Bihar & Jharkand (Form 28B), Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal (Form 32), Rajasthan (Form 18A), Haryana (form 38A), West Bengal (Way bill), Madhya Pradesh (form 75 for non personal use, form 86 for personal use), Punjab (Form 36).
Please obtain the forms from the local sales tax authorities & send the filled out forms promptly to IBM at : Sales Centre, IBM India Ltd, Second Floor, Middle Wing, Subramanya Arcade, 12, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560029 to enable us to ship your order.

PS: I also found this PDF useful..

hey thanx 4 d info...

can some1 tell me whether there's OCtroi charges in chandigarh or not?

well out of d given choices i wud say my fav wud be home alone followed by matrix n mission impossible but d 1 series which is my all time favourite n unfortunately which has not been included in d list is "ROCKY"

hey ppl....i finally made it 2 somaiya...was waitlisted...i"l be joining it...

i'm in...maverick i'm PMing u my wud be really helpful if all of us can get 15-20 days 2 make d payment as a lot of interested ppl have 2 apply for education loans...