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hello ,
before starting prep for cat 2007 just have a look at this..
this will help u to get an idea about where to reach and what to do in order to get into one of the top most b school of India....

first of all is about clearing the cutoff.....this year to get into the iims u have to get at least 95.33 percentile in each section and overall about 98.3 percentile if u are a fresher ....if u have work exp then it depends on the yrs and the kind of work exp u have......but numerically speaking it would be something like this-----
In verbal the cut off would be 27%(20.25 in score)
In QA the cutoff would be something around 54.35%(48 in score)
In LI/DR the cutoff would around 47%(35.25 in score)
if u don't clear the cut off u will not get a call no matter what ever be ur total score is.....

but yaarr who thinks about the cut off .....think big and that should be -----
In verbal a score of 36.5%+(23.5 in score) will fetch u 99percentile+ .....but again verbal was tough this
year so be safe and get a few more marks there
In DI/LR a score of 55%+(41.25 in score) will fetch u 99percentile+
In QA a score of 66.6%(50 in score) will fetch u above 99percentile
over all 47.38%(107 in score) will fetch u a 99.5 percentile ....57.3%(129 in score) will fetch u 99.84percentile

but again there is something called "luck" if u miss out iims no worries ...there are the other big guns waiting for u ---
Apart from the iims the other big guns are-
SPJAIN - anything in between 96-97percentile(95-97in score) in total
MDI - anything above 97.5percentile
NITIE - anything above 96percentile
IMT(gaz) MICA - anything above 95percentile
the above institute have the sectional cutoffs which will be something around 85-90 percentile
in each section ....SPJAIN gives out calls on the basis of ur profile.
TAPMI MDI(HR) -anything above 92percentile
so that is what u should aim for ...this was based on this year question paper ....if the pattern changes again then it will change ...but i gave u the percentage which i think will not change

another thing here is the students profile of iim a.....and will most probably for other iim also (u can get it at iim a website)

arts -4%

so if u come from any other background other than engnrn then u would face fierce competition

anyway hope this would help u a lot ..
best of luck for cat 2007

Hey That was an interesting one mate.....Where do you get all this info from.....You seemed to be well informed so a quick question.I am a BCOM GRAD & CS inter doing my finals now.Have worked in HP 1year and TESCO currently 7 Months.These come under BPO.I will have 2.5 yrs exp by DEC 2007.Do you think the work ex will help.......
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ghosh84 Says
26 post but only one commerce and no arts cat 2007 an all engnrs battle

Correction 2 from commerce...:)
And I am sure its just the begining......
Hope more join the commerce BAndwagon soon...:
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Hmm...Here goes the commerce bandwagon
10th - 76%
12th -79 %
B.Com - 75 %
Company Secretary Intermediate JUNE 2006...Enrolled for the Final Course
work ex of 19 months as on 5th Jan 2007..
will be having 30 months work ex as of Dec 07.

Have never given a shot at CAT and not been through a single CAT material.
Will give it all i have in me for 2007 CAT


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Hi Guys,
I will be starting to prepare for CAT 2007 Soon.It will be my first attempt.I am a B Com working for the past Year and a half in bangalore.I am planning to enroll for TIME for my prep.I have also been hearing of private tutorials for personal attaention.I am looking out for personal attaention for Maths as i consider it to be my weekness requiring lot of attention.....Any of you aware of such a tutor in bangalore to help me prepare for CAT 2007.
Please help me with contact numbers of such persons if you have it handy...Also advice if TIME is a good choice.
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Hi Guys,

This is Vishwas from Bangalore.I have been working for the past 1 and half years. I am a Bcom and a CS inter.

Plan to answer my CAT this year...Any advice...