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Well, that's because the action had shifted somewhere else.....the term-ending exams...And now, we're gearing for the mother of all exams...........COMPREHENSIVE VIVA

Professionally, I think it's a wonderful way of wrapping up the entire first year curriculum by ensuring that students go through the entire course in an integrated exercise.....:wow:

Personally, however, I find it a herculean task to go through 25-odd subjects with slides and notes of each.....

Anyways, for a break, we're all going to Tito's for the farewell party today......:clap:

Over to Akki et al for further updates.


Dr Ambuj Chaturvedi,
Placement Co-ordinator,
Goa Institute of Management,
Batch of 2K10.

Joyous revelry, a moment to rejoice,
240 students, but one common voice.
Youthful camaraderie, a glorious sight,
This, in a nutshell, was the Mid Summers Nite!:new_ukliam2:
If you're wondering just what it is that has trigerred the poetic instinct in me, u need just go back to the celebrations yesterday night. A beautifully coordinated and well attended affair that continued till 3:30 in the night (or is it morning?), the Mid Summers Nite brought together both the batches, senior and junior. The seniors provided the bonhomie and the juniors, encouraged by the charged environs, reciprocated by going FULL BLAST! Each performance was spectacular in it's own right, and with the seniors chipping in with their impromptus as well(our very own Rahul bhai, jigged in for a bhangra riot), it was fireworks, all around.
We had some breath taking performances in song and dance sequences. To add to that, the spoofs (with our very own Nitiksh as Laloo) added spice to the event. Acknowledging each of these would run into several pages, but one performance, which touched my heart the most was Sunder Anna on the violin (especially the piece on Maa from Taare Zameen Par).
For me, it turned out to be a specially memorable event, when I serenaded and then, balldanced with my wife to a romantic number belted out by my colleagues (Janki and Reuben). The rousing applause that my wife and I received is one memory that we will cherish all our lives. Thank you, Dear Seniors and all my buddies at GIM............
Dr Ambuj Chaturvedi
Goa Institute of Management
Class of 2K10
(A passing thought......if this is what happened in the closed confines of a simple hall at GIM, what would one expect at the Club party at Butter Lounge on Sunday?)

@Hum sab ke pyaare Snape bhai,
Righteous thou art, when thou speakest about Nitiksh as the bouncer in our room......but then, there is another side to him, the ardent debater that he is!

Thanks to this analytical dude, our room is full of lively debates all the time.....And why just Nitx, it seems that almost every GIMian has a strong viewpoint of his own. What's more, he is additionally endowed with the remarkable urge to voice his views at the slightest provocation! This lethal combination of debating traits gives rise to some really spiced up conversations in our group assignments. I guess that's one beautiful way of learning management-constantly competing with the best!

Dr Ambuj Chaturvedi

GIM-class of 2k10.

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Well, friends, here's the list of shortlisted candidates.

Had to split the list to comply with the puy site restrictions.

All the Best.:grin: