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ermks Says
Join us at chocolate room, Opposite Madhapur Police Station on 29 Aug, Sunday at 5 PM.

My apologies team. Had a unscheduled visit to a doctor in the evening. Could not make it.
Hope the meeting went on well. Any one post a small brief as how the meeting went.

Is there a prep kind of thing that was discussed?


I am targeting GMAT.
Have started prep some time back.
Will be glad to join this group when ever you meet and be of any help in prep.

This is Raghu.
I am @ Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Wishing us all a fruitful prep


Hi Chanveer!This was a great post and pretty useful one. I am working as a Technical writer / Information Developer for TCS and have close to 4 yr work exp with Accenture and Lionbridge in the past. I am looking to take this course. Can you guide me as how to go about preparing for this Exec 1 yr MBA. Would be looking forward to seeing you on campus :)Please throw some light on as how to start the prep and what is needed to join this course in XLRI,i mean what does it take!!Thanks buddy in advanceRaghu

Hi Deepak,
Since i am a: can you please tell me how you guys have planned out the preparation mode for CAT 07. If you have any preparation shcedule already in place, can you share it with me, so that i can try to catch up with you guys.

Thanks a lot cheers!

deepak_nanhu Says
which URL dude. please be more specific so we can help you out
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Hi Deepak,
First of all, initiating this thread, considering the fact that you still are in your IInd year definitely deserves appreciation. so cheers buddy! Count me in for your preparation for CAT 07. I am a chemical engineer by graduation and a Technical writer who writes software documentation for TCS. Fate it seems lost its sense of irony and so did i. I have graduated in 2002 and took my CAT anG GRE. Although GRE was fine, i could not get a scholarship and CAT was a disaster. I took it lightly which later on i realised was a sin. After that it's been a tough life and have worked for companies like, Accenture, Lionbridge and VJIL , CNK and Confai solutions across Hyderabad - Bombay - Bangalore - Chennai. Presently in UK for a telecom project and handling documentation.

Did try preparing for CAT 2006, but somewhere in between lost the grrove and finally gave up fighting. :confused: confused!!
But now i have realised that have to :grab: grab this oppurtunity and focus my time on preparing for CAT, as i always feel that i am not at peace till i crack CAT. Enough of being a loser and enough of self pity. So Buddie, i am with your team and would see to it that we are all craking CAT this year !!!

Hi to everyone who desires to crack the CAT.
i've started this thread so that the junta who desire to take CAT in 07 may get a headstart.
i'll give you a brief intro about my cat prep experience so far.
i am a 2nd yr enginnering student. the decision to do an mba struck me when i started out with my engineering studies, it never interested me. last year in august i enrolled for simcats( the management at first were not allowing me stating that i had to be in my last or penultimate year of graduation, finally they did give in but put me along with the people who were taking cat05.)
i had to compete against them still ( i dont know how) i performed beyond my expectations in the first few tests, but later as the competition grew my percentile began to drop. neverthless it was a great experience. you have to feel the tests. they are extremely mind exhausting. nowadays i am solving di. i try and understand ET but most of it is beyond my comprehension level. although i enjoy reading books, my reading speed is surely awful. if anyone of you have some way to test ones reading speed please put it up on the thread. in my opinion its better to start out early, though its a completely personal opinion. mind it our peak performance should fall on the d-day!
i have all the prep material on PG organised into one folder, soon i'll be uploading it.( it may take a while as my sem exams are coming up and i have to visit a cafe to go on online, sorry).
best of luck to all of you, keep posting lets get together and not just crack the cat but blast it into pieces!!!!
keep the faith!
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Hi Jackal,
I absolutely agree with you buddie. A software job is just the means not the end in itself. I am right now working in UK for a telecom client of ours and i am just amazed at their levels of stupidity. The whole project seems to be an eyewash. The scope keeps changing by the hour and by the day. The IT and Business are at loggerheads and a handful are working hard to see that at the end the whole project is getting screwed up by the lesser mortals who do not understand the business and who are in a no mans land.

But it's not job sometimes that frustrates one, it's our psyche. I mean, any would agree with me that our reach can always exceed our grasp! It's just that we need to fuel and realise our inner ambition and our passion for anything we can believe, we are capable of doing. For all of the geeks out there, a MBA always gives them a fresh lease of life, helps them rediscover their lost killing spirits, rekindle their fire to proove themselves, ant that is the time they need to have a clear idea of the bigger picture. This is the time they need to make sure that all their efforts are not just wasted into carrying a laptop and working on spreadsheets, instead their management degrees should help them innovate, change, develop and lead.

I know what i am trying to tell is actually an ideallistic scenario, but a glimmer of Hope is what i am trying to give....


well well (that's how i sigh online )..
pretty good points raised by arun.. the scenario is pretty much like that but he probably has that maturity to see things as they are cuz of his time spend in the industry.. probably because of him being higher up the level than other mere mortals here (read: software engineers)

I myself had a cushy software job n yeah as most of the people here think it sucked.. i would crib about the sad food in the canteen to stupid office rules.. everything
The crux was that i actually hated coding and i was always put in a development project so i ended up doing just n just things which i never wanted to do.. and plus the industry here doesn't work as it does outside india.. i mean what sense does it make when you get a design made by somebody and on the day of the build you get somebody else in the team, give him a month to understand the requirements, the design and complete the CODE ..!! i mean WTF..
it certainly is poor project management and how else can it be better where people sitting on their fat asses for 6 yrs doing close to nothing become managers, go and ask a manager in the manufacturing sector how much he has gone thru (time, experience everything) to become a manager..
also the middle and lower management don't have the vision of the higher management and thus actually lose sight of things like 'vision', 'mission' etc which are important things and not be made fun of, as workers generally do.. and the worst part is that there is no transparency and the end-level-worker doesn't really understand what purpose is he solving..
@arun: SLA walla example is just 1 thing there are billions of things which are being done by people in this industry who have no idea why they are doing it..
On the other side the sufferers have their own fault too..
All these fresh graduates out of colleges have never had it this easy to grab a secure well paying job, so basically they get in with the wrong attitude: that it's all heavenly inside (as was their grabbing this job) but it definitely is not so.. there are a lot of things like work place politics, managers not fulfilling their client-side aspirations, you not getting your kinda of 'development' work etc which render the poor worker dissatisfied and finally he ends up going for an MBA or another job... n these MNCs are always there to lure them away on BIG packages..
but is that really a solution??
Think about the days when there for no such easy jobs available and freshers used to struggle to get a 5k job.. and these people actually struggled to get a job and that's why they value it, they grow up and do whatever bullshit they are asked to do. they never fight their bosses for a raise, come to office sharp at 9'o clock, never have opportunities 2 let their bosses know of their aspirations..
The question is if this is what growing up is.. do you really want to grow up..??


PS:I quit my job a coupla month's back after spending 2 yrs in this industry looking for an alternate career n yeah i didn't write CAT.
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Hi Umesh
gr8 meeting you and kudos for making it to IIMK
I am a chemical engineer myself, lost in the world of IT
Please share your prep strategy.....planning to prep from Scratch for CAT]

thnks and Reg

Excellent work
can't thank u enough
priceless contribution Gaurav..keep guiding us this way

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Hi Group,
Gr8 to be part of this Elite group
I Thank Pagalguy for the invaluable support till date

I am Raghu
A Chemical Engineer by Qualification
A Technical Writer in TCS by Chance
A Porospective CAT aspirant by Choice
Age 25
B'dY 4-4-1980
Wrote CAT on 2002 - Disaster bgiiger than the 9/11
Want to Crack CAT positively
Love to be part of all you inspiring members

: rAGhU