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My snap score is -56
gen eng - 5
QA, di DS - 15
GA - 5
LR - 31

10th - 78.5%
12th - 72%
B.Tech in IT - 8.21/10 DGPA

what r my chances fr SIOM can u plzzz tell me

i wanted to know whether every one has got there admit card........?
n if yes frm where u'll have got..

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hi all.
this is alphes........
hv cmpleted my Engg......
wl b trying fr CAT this yr.....i gave it last yr 2 gt 89%ile bt cudn't crack ne gud colg :huh:

just to clear some doubts:

last year ifmr called 160 people for gd-pi
-- 120 turned up.
-- exactly 60 got the final call.
-- exactly 45 accepted the final call.

SOURCE- my friend who made it to ifmr last year.

so you can see that if we go by numbers- competition is much higher dis tym.
and i agree with sir roy & akshat about massive difference in approach of the two interview panels.

i had my intvw on 19th

got grilled a lot on acads & hobbies.

they were scrutinizing each and every word written in the form.

lot of questions on rupee appreciation, orkut, family business .

DURATION - 25-30 mins.

went well- but i am apprehensive!

gd, psychometric test were on the same ground as already had been discussed.

let us all, hope for the best!

if this is the case then i don't think there is ne 2nd list.
since they had called 60 last yr 45 turned up. aftr that they shud have taken out 2nd list to fill up the seats.
but that's not the case.

hi everyone, i received d call letter yesterday. my cat %ile is 89.63. n my gd/pi date n timing is 12th march at 9.

hi puys,
i want to knw abt wht to write in d essay for PGDM n PGDM in FE?

Hi alphes,

you can use a single form to apply to all the courses. Hence Rs. 1200/- for applying to all the course. The last date is 30th Jan 2008


thanksssss a lot !!!!!


my scores in cat are
qa- 94.35
di- 92.31
va- 18.03


no wrk ex

if i apply can i expect a call frm kj?


i want to know that whether its 1200 for all the courses applied or for different courses we need to pay individually 1200 rs. and whts the last date for cat applicant.

hi puys,

my scores are:-
quant-94.5 %ile
lr & di-92.31 %ile
verbal-18.04 %ile

total-89.63 %ile

in 10th i got 78%
in 12th i got 72.5 %

in grad i hv till 6th sem 8 point

can i get a call if i apply to dis colg ?
is lw marks in eng considerable?
hw many seats are thr?