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Converted... Joinin...
does any one know abt the interest % for edu. Loan frm statebank branch in Nitie...? And hw long it wud take for the loan to get sanctioned?

please throw some light on the kind of consulting profiles offered at nitie...
if someone is interested in consulting( not necessarily IT Consulting) then what kind of electives should he look out for.??

I would also like to hear about this from our seniors.. Can someone throw some light on this?

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Calvin116 Says
it will out on 18th May.

now @ obc 7... another fortnight to go...!!!

when is the next waitlist movement?

MBA 2012 Admission Results will be declared on 3-05-2012 at 5PM
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IIT Kanpur IME

|syed846 Says
I mean what is this...It showed selected for me and then it got blocked..Seniors on fb page are saying it's ambiguous..Now what do i called up home and told that i got selected..Now how m gonna tell that this was a prank :banghead:..

sharad2823 Says
I am really worried. After 5+ years of exp (with decent acads and GD) as well as with 98.67 %ile, my last result was waitlisted. I just wish it was a prank otherwise I am not sure what else IITK wants to get a convert??

Puys.. the result today is not a valid one..
IME page says (again) result will be out by tomorrow 5 PM

MBA 2012 Admission Results will be declared on 3-05-2012 at 5PM
IIT Kanpur | IME
MBA 2012 Admission Results will be declared on 3-05-2012 at 5PM
new message in IME Page
Might be the case that they already had ABCL converts
and wud have withdrawn their admission before the first movement.
Don't want to break any hearts but being cautiously optimistic

Newaz hope we all convert.And get to use dat coveted smiley
Ps-I m stuck at WL 15(which seems such a large number these days)

:nono:no no..:biggrin: if u r so pessimistic what's my case at 24 (latest)...:splat:
lets (sincerely/desperately/truthfully... fill it up) hope everything goes positive...
check out this
First 10 W/L of FMS in NITIE list

thanks... that eases some nerves... waitin for the convert too..
skscsr Says
TOP-5 league? It's very difficult bro (Not at all possible in the near future.). IIM-ABCL, XL & ISB...... Too hard to get into Top-5.

sry for the delayed post... none of the top institutes are given the ranking positions permanently. They strive every year to keep their positions and if IITB strives consistently, with its already established alumni base, i dont see any reason it couldn't make into the top few. I agree, Nothing is certain unless it happens but dat was just a praise for the way SOM is improving .

Wit d rate wit which they move up the rank ladders no wonder som hits into the top 5 league pretty SOON...