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Hi Puys,

This is Alok Srivastava
My profile is as follows...

Xth 86.2%
XIIth 79%
B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi
A year's experience as a Patent Analyst in xyz company in Delhi

Extra-currics: 5 Ist prizes in quizzing competitions, some debates, declamations,poetry and a li'l chunk of social activities

CAT : OA 99.21
DI 96.03
QA 98.83
VA 95.33

Converts: CKI
Went to...your guess as good as mine!

Wish you all the best,

PG Roxxxxxx,


armaanapna Says
everyday when i cum to office i decide that i wil not chk this thread...but i unable to restrain mind says it al over..but this heart stil feel sum gud to happen.......but now i hv decided to move forward more false hope...Chapter of CAT06 is ended in my life..........i m depressed no doubt bcos i had so many things in my control but i remain a poor chap. Well its life, i hv learnt so many things frm this episode.........i wil never going to cum here...i want myself away frm here....bye guys......

Buddy, plzzz don't lose hope. If you don't believe in the dawn that comes after the never will. And you can't give the politicos of this country to make u sad/happy. That right is only with ur loved ones, not for ones who don't give a damn whether anybody lives or And history is full of examples where a thing was denied to someone worthy at first chance, only for a second sweeter and grander victory!! just keep the faith in urself...ooparwaala hai and rahega!:grab:
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Can you tell me the procedure to join the Joka Rock band please...


I made it into PGDCM

Congos to all who made it and Others All the best for the remaining 5..

Hey dude, change ur signature now...and add C in converts!!:)
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Got through PGDM at IIM C!!!!!!!!

harsh_gupta16 Says
called up HRD they said they will fax the directive before LUNCH

And just what time is the bureaucratic lunch at...I hope it does'nt spill into hours!!!??:
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agrawalmehul Says
Shey man... i have wasted my entire night's sleep wondering abt the results despite the fact that my university exam is from 12 today.. n now if the official communication will be made at 11 am, then results wont be out before 12 for sure!!! that means i gotta wait for my exam to get over at 4 to check the result

O Puy saab,
tussi exam vich dhyaan laga lo aaj...results toh twaadde saare convert honey hee hain!!!:)
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yaar mera toh A mein 650.6 and C mein 695.3 hee aa raha hai...ab pata nahi ki excel sheet ko maan lun and
ya fir excel sheet ko na manoo and ....

because waiting for the actual result has made me

neways, a very nice time-pass...:)

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Hey Puys,

After A deep fit of melancholy and depression, I found the light which I want to share wid you all...

We are all very lucky, and U know why...because we have been directly affected by this quota issue, govt. greed for votes, illogical opinions etc. We have been in the system, shed so many anxious moments , got depressed because of the SYSTEM...

But here comes the bright part...To change the system, one has to realize how badly it sucks. . and only from amongst those who suffer rises the element of change. Somehow I feel we all will never forget these days...and this batch will be special and produce a force...atleast a few if not all will make a mark in changing the system! may be God has chosen us to suffer and then arise and awake, but don't lose heart.

PS: Everyone of us is bright enough to carve his/her way, as we have come to this even if we get in IIMs or not, we'll do well...only, don't forget these days...ooparwaale ne humme especially choose kiya hai.:) Hum Arjun Singh nahi, ooparwaale ki special category mein aate hain!!

Jai Hind

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if u call then also they will say they are waiting for HRD approval or till 8pm

I think at anycost C will announce results by 12 midnight .

Aapke mooh mein ghee shakkar!!:)
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