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bhai log koi to batao where is the centre in Bangalore

where is the centre in Bangalore?

. . @m_falcon
Last two digits of : 817^673
Alok Kumar @alokkhg

go for binomial theoram it will be 673*10*7^672 + 7^673

thus i will be 30*1+07
Pratham Avale @pratham54
An atmosphere that ________ the value and growth of individuals as well as the organization is important, and _________between individuals and the organization must be a team effort. (a) exudes, discussion (b) encompasses, agglomerate (c) promotes, collaboration (d) assesses, links (e...
Alok Kumar @alokkhg

aa gaya dekho kaun

ho gaya mera wrong
don don don
faruq ahmed @Faruq
*There are 4 oranges, 5 apricots and 6 alphonso in a fruit basket. In how* *many ways can a person make a selection of fruits from among the fruits in the* *basket?* *a. 209* *b. 210* *c. 120* *d. 119*
Alok Kumar @alokkhg

in this at least one fruit should be picked so the answer should be 209

5*6*7 - 1

by mistake i marked wrong
Dibyajyoti Biswas @Foster87
A cube is painted in such a way that three mutually adjacent faces are painted brown, two faces are painted black and the remaining face is painted blue. The cube is now cut into 343 smaller but identical cubes. How many of the smaller cubes are painted on exactly two faces and have exactly...
Alok Kumar @alokkhg

i think answer is 20 only as we have only 4 edges where 5 cubes each are two different coloured. We can leave three edges of brown and 1 edge of black thus we are left with 4 edges so answer is 4*5 = 20

Game Starts @gs4890
ration of HM of two no's to GM is 12:13 find the ratio of no's
Alok Kumar @alokkhg

we can also solve it using componendo and dividendo

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@clickwalker said:
There are 126 boxes containing apples.The number of apples in each box lies between 120 and 150,(both inclusive). let F(x) indicates the number of boxes containing x apples and f indicates the maximum value of F(x) for any x. What could be the minimum possible value of f ? to do this problem...any one..?
i think its 5
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@sudhirrajput said:
what is the remainder when 1714*1715*1717 is divided by 12
110/12 its 2
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