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congrats to all those who have converted I...welcome aboard...hope you enjoy your stay at planet I...

Sorry for re-emphasizing on this ...but does that mean..
we do NOT have to send ANY form back to IIM-I? have to fill up the form and take it along with you to the interview...

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Hey guys, i got calls from i k and l.
My profile:
Xth: 85.2
Graduation:MBBS(yeah a doctor) from a not so reputed institute

Work Ex: 3 months as a medical officer
Extra curriculars: Debates,Public Speaking(No Certis)

I was wondering what to expect in the pi round, apart from the y doc + mba combo??
Will i be tested on my acads??
I dont think the interviewers and i shall be having anything in common to discuss in the interview. SO how should i build a good rapport with them in those crucial 20-25 min?


our senior batch has quite a few doctors...will talk to them and reply regarding the questions...
One small querry ?
when Ill be grilled in academics will it be on subjects of my choice ?(fat chance , i can hear you say , but still )
I have a work ex of 31 months , will I be excused for being academically challenged ?

One last querry ... Are all Indore GD s case studies?

you may be grilled on your acads may not be grilled on your acads...all depends on how you guide your interview and in what mood are the interviewers...generally they will ask you simple questions to test your basic...answers to which can be found on me being electronics and communication engineer was asked questions on CDMA,GSM,rings on resistor to determine its value and stuff like don't need to know the working of these things to answer the question...

and yes all the GDs are case studies... :)


those having same date and time for 2 GDPI,,, call admissions office immediately...they are considerate enough to change the schedule...

HI Seniors,

I have some doubts:

1 I am a comp sc engineer with 2 years in Infy, now to show that eng. and then Infy was a thought decision, i was planning to say that want to be an enterprenuer in Technology field, but then i am afraid for questions that may come on it, hw u plan to start?? what u plan to start??? any suggestions on long term plan in keeping with my back ground ??: .

2 do we need to be specific in the specialization that i want to do my MBA in??? can we just say still not decided on it??
I found this on IIM INDORE site"in the second year marketing, finance, strategy and international business, operations management, human resources management and information technology". any other specilisation available??? good answer for this.


1) in the interview speak what you actually want to do...if you actually want to go for entrepeneurship,,,have a clear cut must know how you intend to go about it...or else stick to managerial job answer...

2)no you don't need to be specific in the can talk about about specialization only is you have in depth knowledge about the specialization you want to do...generally ppl here come with an open mind and decide specialization only after having a feel of the courses in first year...
hey guys,
first of all thanks for this thread. i have calls form C, I and K. my profile -

10th - 83% (CBSE)
12th - 89.4%(CBSE)
Electrical & Electronics engineering - 74.4%(Anna University)


13 months with Infosys, working in a production support project. shifting to relativity technologies(a much smaller company) now, as a product support engineer(role with more responsibilities).

1. to what extent does the brand name of your company matter? will my shift to a lesser known company be seen as a disadvantage?
2. is there someone here from anna university who can let me know if my acads in coll will be a prob?
3. approximately how many interviews are conducted in one day, by iimi?

1) company brand name hardly's the kind of work you are fact in your case,,,you have an have more responsibilties in the latest job...give some management perspective to your work...

3) there are 2 batches for GDPI...morning and can expect 10-12 ppl per batch...and around 3 panels per batch...that makes around 60 candidates per day per centre...
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Respected seniors and my buddies,while the time is slipping away continuously I am continuously stuck at the mother of all questions? Why IIMs ,Why MBA & Why management?, though I haven't figured out any of these answers but i began to reckon that the conditional questions can be answered easily and the frustation is mounting.Adding to my woes is this fact that I found no one is seeming to discuss this ubiquitious question...please seniors enlighten me to delve deep inside is getting tougher ... or please suggest my book, an article or something that would help me undrstanding why i want to do first of all management itself?...
But nevertheless, I try again and state them,..., please help me in t6his process
1>The most of honest of reasons,is that I am not happy with my current prospect so i opted for cat,..., (oops! I donot think I can state that in an interview)
2>I feel that I am limited in my understanding of business world and doing an MBA would help me understanding the same.
3>I love to take initiatives on my own and doing an MBA would put me in right soes to take initiative

go thru previous posts in the thread...they should help you...

to help you out a bit...think for the reasons why you are not happy with your current work...what if you don't find MBA too not interesting???what can management and MBA offer you???what kind of work???

if you like taking initiatives do you have some examples to cite???


But while talking about work i am already acquinted about the stuff about the company like you mentioned such as competition , work done etc. i was more curious about the technical stuffs like coding, programming etc. which do not come into my domain but can come later if i were to stay in the company. Do i need to have any idea about them as well ?

no you actually don't need to have too deep a knowledge about the technical stuff...basic knowledge is enough...whatever you have done,,,just be thorough with that...

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Hi alok,

thanks for your reply.

can you tell me what samcat is ?

who is samcat would have a better question...his reply must be coming soon on the thread...