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r the topics same 4 session 2... acads degraded 4m 10 to grad.... how to face pi.... needed some valuable tips and xperiences....

congrats 4 all d one who got selected in session 1.... i would reqst to evn help d aspirants of christ for session 2.... reqst u to please ans d unanswered posts related to admissions of 2nd session... please help us guys....

r the mp topics same for the session 2 or they gonna b changed?

congrats 4 all d one who got selected. please post ur pi experiences so dat it wud b really useful 4 d aspirants like me..... hope u guys wud help us.... very much dissapntd gave my bst bt cudnt get thrw

lastword Says
Selected : Main Campus :D

congrats bro.... i am nt selected.... prep 4 session 2... can u please guide me to get through in session 2... keen aspirant of christ....

@last word: dont worry dude.... lets hope 4 d best.... they didnt evn askd my cv... nothng gone according to me.... jst think all is welll.... if nythng goes bad... den we can think of session 2 bro.... all d very bst dude...

@last word: no dude... wat abt u.... hope it doesnt decide our desteny...

done wid my pi... hardly 10 mins max.. not satisfied.... :(


my name is pretty famous and sum of d celebrities names starts wid my name so he askd me to name few celebrities names starting wid my name.

done a course in ntwrking
asked few ques up on it
askd to name few companies which are netwrking based

asked howz ur gd and mp
asked me xplain dem again.

general awreness : asked abt d failure of crickters on foriegn lands resns...

screwed in y ur adacs got gradually declined..

done wid my intervew... waiting 4 d results .... hoping 4 d bst.....

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guys can u please say me whr did u find dat download e admit card for pi...?
i cundt find it guys.... did u guys receive any email?

the officials said dat the results will b declared by 10.30 bt nt yet any information guys?