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@ Juniors,

Pump some ife into this thread and tell abt ur experiences at VGSoM.

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rits2000 Says
hi can u please tell me abt the edu loan options available at the campus......

You can avail loans from SBI as well as PNB out in the IIT-KGP Campus and they have decent educational loans for IITians.
Last year, PNB offered 10.25% floating rate while SBI offered 10.75% fixed rate to us.

Prashant Kedare
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That wz a very relevant post
Can you enlighten me more on the placements / companies from the Operations perspective ?
Do we also have the option for a minor specialization ?


The placement scenario is extremely good and as for the operations scenario: companies like Schlumberger, ITC, etc (just to name a few) have placed their faith in VGSoM students by offering core operations profiles. For more on statistics, you can contact Kunal as he would be able to give you a better picture on this.

As for minor specializations, YES. The option is available to you and it totally depends on you on the electives you choose. You can choose a major on any specialization by selecting all the relevant subjects for it or a major and a minor combination or even a general specialization by selecting the necessary subjects.

Hope that suffices your query.

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Congrats to all the call getters and hope everybody selected comes to this institute of great repute.

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shobhan.dash Says
got a call at AIR 667..someone mentioned lotta IAF n IA ppl, how did u find out dude?n i dont think there's actually any quota on that basis.congo to all the call getters!!!can we have links to previous years' gd/pi experiences?thanks

Congrats on getting a call from VGSoM-IIT KGP
Please refer to the first post by Mandar. For your convenience, i am posting it here.

These are few links which will be helpful for your GD/PI preparations,

Last year's GD/PI helpdesk

Life @ VGSOM,

Events @ VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

VGSOM website
VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

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A query here.

IIM-Shillong has not even started here and it's already ranked.
A bit puzzled

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There is not written in the form we have to send our rank cards?
I could not find it?

Since, a lot of people might have already sent it without the JMET Rank cards, you could also send the application form without the card.RegardsPrashant Kedare

vasudhaverma Says
Also can we send the form through courier?

Use the Snail mail preferably.

Prashant Kedare

In the form the last date is mentioned as 23rd Jan?
Please clarify it asap as i have also not sent my form and tomorrow is Sunday so speed post would be very difficult
Please let us know


This is the new application form uploaded on the website. The date has been extended from 23rd jan to 28th jan.
so just chill and then send in the forms.

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Puys, I am facing a small problem.
I have not received my score card. What's the procedure to be followed ?
Can I send an attested printout of the online result instead ?

Just relax, as mentioned in some posts above, the last date for submission is 28th January 2008. people have started receiving their JMET rank cards just a few days back. You will receive them in a day or two not counting the weekends.

Prashant Kedare
sickbas Says
Hi, my jmet rank 493 10th - 88% 12th - 97% UG - 78% 20 months in IT Not great extr curriculars to talk abt.... Also how much weight do the write ups carry.... and ur jmet score in final selection... Can someone also tell me the calls to intake ratio? Thanks

The weightage to each and every aspect keeps changing every year, so would not be able to tell you the exact breakup of the whole thing.
VGSoM looks for JMET Rank as well as work-ex of the person while deciding to give a call. Write ups are an important part of the selection process since the interviewers will have a go through it before your interview just starts.
The calls to intake ratio is 1/9, i.e , for 120 seats, around 900 calls are given.

Prashant Kedare
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herbie Says
got a JMET rank of 864... acads are not great... have decent extra curriculars... any chances of getting a call?

Maybe, cos acads also have weightage in getting you a call. I surely hope your acads are not that bad which may see you not getting a call.
But you stand a good chance of getting a call from VGSoM

Prashant Kedare