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well Snape, nice read on your adventures in Goa. But personally, I felt that this should have belonged more to a blog or a thread named the adventures of Severus Snape a.k.a Abhishek Jha rather than this thread. we've kind of exchanged home turfs right now. While you are in my home town, I am here in my Powai flat staring at the neighbouring areas and the forever packed Jogeshwari Vikhroli link road . How I wish I was back in Goa, riding my bike on the free roads under the rain and sun rather than riding in the back of dingy autos or climbing into jam packed crowded trains and taking hours to cover distances that in Goa , I would have made within 15 mins...

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Never knew dat the anthem was composed by rampuria..Always thought that Anant Sandhu was solely responsible for the same...Btw, juniors, how come there are no accounts of the freshers party?? Would have thought that they would be puh-lenty of accounts regarding the same... nice to see so much enthu abt posting on this forum...helps us keep in touch wid things...have fun guys... and yeah Razz Rocks!!


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Officially this should be in a thread called Life after GIM rather than Life@GIM. Almost a month has passed since we left GIM.. Cant believe its been just a month.. Feels like ages!! Everyone I spoke to recently has been feeling extremely bored at home..and life is limping back into normalcy..Late nights are now defined as being awake at 1 am..

Work has started and I have been fighting my daily battles with the Mumbai local trains..Its been a great learning curve and certainly a baptism by fire in travelling from Nerul to Dadar every day..!!

Now that we are alumni, I would love to know where the alumni meet is being held in Mumbai on 30th.. Jha, Akshay or any of the others could you shed some light on this please??

This thread seems to have slowed down a lot..Guys plz do keep sharing ur experiences about Life@GIM so that we can keep in touch with our Alma Mater..


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Just returned back from a party at Club West End in Saligao, Goa... Had a lot of fun clubbing as usual.. Right now, I m in a bit of a nostalgic mood as this party would almost certainly be my penultimate party that we organized as Razzmatazz members.. Last thing that we have left in our kitty as far as clubbing goes is the final farewell for which there is still time.. Its been a great run as Razzmatazz members.. I am sure , I speak for all of us , Aman, Brinelle , Sumegh and me when we say that we have enjoyed every moment of organising events for the campus and we always tried to maintain a high standard in terms of organisation for any event held by us as Razzies.. Our JCC displayed their competence very adequately in handling this event and going forward , we know the future of the club is in good hands..

Some of the PGP 2's have finished their courses and planning to depart later in the day for their respective homes.. Today at the party, It has slowly begin to kick in that , the beautiful Mandovi bank upon which rests this heaven that we call as GIM shall not be our home for much longer.. The countdown has already started and several seniors have already changed their Gtalk status messages to numbering their days left. Going ahead, corporate life should be another adventure of life and a natural progression but one wants to savour every moment of this time that we have left.. It seems that 2 years have just flown by in a jiffy and that suddenly now its time to go

One of the greatest advantadges and disadvantadges of GIM are its location and size.. To the outsider, the campus may look small.. But to those live here, this is the campus's greatest strength..coz bcoz of d small campus, here every one knows every one by name and at some point of time in the 2 years strong lifelong bonds have been built with several batch mates.. which is what is driving my feelings of nostalgia tonight.. GIM campus is barely a 20 mins ride from my house.. Yet, I go home only about once a week, such is my love for the place and the attraction and revour that I bear for it..

Last year, we used to laugh at our seniors when they used to give us similar talks . Now that the tables are turned, some of the stuff pops into memory often..

On a brighter note, I seem to have the next 5 days off, due to my brilliant schedule and hence I intend to make full use of this.. An exploration of unseen places in Goa, and a planned unplanned trip is on the cards.. The planned unplanned trip basically refers to a group of us who plan to just ride off away from college , backpacking , without a fixed destination in mind for abt 3-4 days b4 we return back for classes..M looking forward anxiously towards the same...

Thats all for now, all GIM aspirants and other college thread visitors please bear with this long post which is quite personal in nature.. :)

Allan Andrade


Just subscribing to the thread.. Kindly excuse...will be glad to answer any queries posted here..and also thanks to all those who are posting here already for the good job they are doing...

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Diwali celebrations in GIM are very very special. Am surprised that none of our regular contributors (Snape , Akkinaya and the rest) have mentioned anything about it. For the benefit of all the guys visiting the thread and to generate nostalgia among our seniors, here's an account of Diwali celebrations in Campus.

Diwali celebrations were held on the 28th of November. Goa celebrates Diwali on the day that Lord Krishna slays the demon Narakasura and hence 27th Oct was the official holiday granted to the students.(the holiday was just in name as the Finance students still had classes, so glad that I took marketing ). however as majority of the students wanted to celebrate Diwali on the day of Lakshmi Puja and the day when Ram returns to Ayodhya, hence it was celebrated on the 28th of December.

on 26th nite, quite a few guys from campus went to Panjim at 00:00 hrs to watch the procession of Narakasura's. Every year there is a competition held for the best Narakasura effigy and this year was no different with a wide variety of effigies being paraded around to win top prize.

During the festive period,the college was lit up as usual with lights and stars etc.. Prayas provided everyone with candles and diyas to light up their rooms. lots of the devotees also bought their own decorations to celebrate the festive occasion.

On the 28th, Puja was held in the Quad around 8 p.m. After this dinner,(pure veg) was served in the quad. I hope everyone else enjoyed the food as much as we did. after that at 10 p.m. , the gates were opened. To where u may ask,..Well the one, the only, that most elusive place where no man ever goes, (or rather where he is barred from going).

Diwali time is the only time when guys are allowed access to the LH for a couple of hours in order to wish everyone. Otherwise it carries a hefty 1000 bucks fine for entering the LH. After that the next 2 hours were pure pandemonium. Describing it here in public forum would not do it justice. Lets just say that it was a lot of fun. and an experience that can be shared only by experiencing it after u get here and celebrate Diwali here along with us.

Diwali kinda marks the end of a journey for us at GIM. It signals that its time to start preparing wholeheartedly for placement season and also makes us seniors aware that we have such a short stay left at this paradise on earth that we call the Goa Institute of Management.

Here's hoping that this beautiful festival of lights continues to light everyone's life for several years to come.



The second term has started in full swing..the juniors appear to be having a hectic time balancing their schedules, projects , assignments, social lives and of course studying for their summer placements... Amongst the seniors, The marketing guys are enjoying a much deserved siesta after the the hectic term last time around. Due to a lot of the courses this term being offered by specialist visiting faculty and subsequently resulting schedule, we are enjoying a much lighter schedule. The Finance bonds on the other hand are having a much tougher time balancing their schedules.. Guess God, and Shambavi decided to readdress the balance of last time round..

(for the benefit of those not from GIM, GIM runs due to the presence of Shambavi..She's the PGP office head and schedules all the lectures for all faculty and students)

Besides the academic point of view , the normal extra curriculars go on.. The most eagerly awaited and prestigious of all cricket Tourneys, for the trophy considered to be the Holy Grail at GIM namely the BASANTI cup ha started in full swing on the hunting grounds of the quad.. And already we have witnessed bloodshed.. Ruchir Dani a.k.a. Baba a.k.a. RDX of the PGP2A team Diehards demolished the PGP1 Sec A team Avalanches single handedly by smashing an unbeaten 108 in a team score of 193/3 in 15 overs...Diehards have also proved their mettle in beating the champion team of last time in the league...With the tourney still in the league stages, lots of other exciting matches are yet to be played..

A lot of the clubs at GIM are going to be in action soon in order to provide stress busters as well as knowledge for all GIMiites.. IT@GIM already had an event last night which was a stupendous success...A Dandiya nite has been planned for friday night and lotsa students are eagerly looking forward to it...

As for my Club Razzmatazz, we working on arranging a club for the next party that will be organized soon so that we can party in the way that Goa is famous for



2 things dude, firstly which neighbor ?? Is it Maverick, Chitochat, Zues or Ab tak Chappan....?? outside chance that it could also be Jayanti also who seems to be everyone's neighbor nowadays
and secondly, Its Allan not Allen :)



Well the juniors have gone on a well deserved term break and college has become extremely quiet...Half the population gone has resulted in obvious halving in terms of noise and bakar. Jaggu's wears a deserted look and he has closed at 12:30 for 2 consecutive days. I remember my first term break last year. Term break hardly made any difference to me in terms of going home as i used to go home every weekend anyways, but in terms of culture shock it was a major change. After sleeping anytime between 2 and 6 in the morning every day , having the opportunity to sleep properly again took a lot of time to get used to. Don't think I ever managed to sleep before 1 in the term break.
Also the whole interaction, bakar sessions, sweating over deliverables, last min prep ...I just missed the whole scene...After about a week at home, I cudn't wait to get back....

Coming back to the college scene, its another week to go for us in the 4 th term..Almost all our deliverables have been submitted and no more classes remain except for maybe 2-3 courses...End terms are fast approaching and thus the need to get back to the books and start studying in earnest...

The past term has seen various innovations in b'day celebrations...The Home delivery system of spanking, Trooper's cakeshot on the Godfather, the new and innovative use of decorations using the b'day person as a canvas.....Makes me feel glad that my b'day comes in the hols.....n so does my roomie's luckily....... :)

Well time to get back to the books and start preparing for the banking quiz for tom....outta be fun.....


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Its been some time since my last post..Yup Tapan, we heading straight for that crucial and most eagerly awaited as well as dreaded 5th term...However B4 we reach there, there's that small matter to be tackled called endterms.

Juniors have already started with theirs and the amount of groans around OT, Jaggu's and everywhere else on campus is steadily increasing. as for us, whole pile of deliverables lined up this week and the next. also all the marketing guys have a beautiful saturday lined up where we have about 12 hours of continuous class!!!

Life In a B-school continues to have its ups and downs. We had the pleasure of hosting a brand new event called Back 2 School where the theme was basically going back to the good old schooldays where we used to play without the stress of pending submissions and tests.. The aim was to provide a stress buster to the guys around...And what a response...In Parulekar's words... WOW!!! :)

Besides this, the usual excursion trips and exploration of Goa's internal beauty continues.. People continue to make beelines for places like Chapora fort, Mandrem, Arambol, and of course Fidalgo's Aunty Maria...

On one of those rare free days, the guys at GIM decided to go for the move Rock On to Samrat theatre..What a brilliant scene.!50 GIM students sitting in a small theatre enjoying the whole experience. It was an amazing experience..At one point of time, there was a whole mexican wave going on in the theatre in response to the songs..!Not to mention tandem headbanging and hand swaying... :)

An update on the weather:Rains in Goa have started back in full blast..