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Hey guys,
I have got through amity mba (i.b) and through gdgwi lancaster mba as well.. I am not able to make up my mind which one of these to go for ?
Heard that amity 1600 student intake for MBA god knows what the college is going to be like ?
and on the other hand gdgwi lancaster has just been established a year back but the campus seems to be great and so does the study atmosphere ?

An early response will be highly appreciated because of the fee submission deadlines .


hm... @ Pagal guy after sooooo long..

Well Aakash ..a piece of advice for u and for my fellow ppl arund with questions buzzing bout joinin Amity I.B. u wont get more experienced person than me in this forum ACTUALLY to comment on this. I did join Amity I.B And left it after 1st sem.
reason :In amity its only that the books are good and have enuf knowledge to provide u to become a good MBA and thats obvious. But the teachers a sickening ~ sm have accent issue some have communication issues and lack knowledge at some point. All that they do is " bhangra" . I not only found teachers weird but the crown was too show offy and all Punjabi's having fun!! Girls only nd only know how to straighten their hair @ 6 in the morning and put makeup and all for 8 o clock class.. sad!! environment!!

And rest bout ur Lancaster option.. i think going to U.K wasting so much of money in ur travel and accommodations and living just for the sake of good campus!?? hmm sounds lil dumb! so until and unless u don't consider money like "khoon paaseeney ki keemat" u can go for any of the 2 options u 've .

Who all are going to join amity 08-10
spcly MBA (IB)

hi aleesha..
i have my gd/pi for (ib) on 9th may..all ur posts were rlly helpful..can u pls brief me abt d question asked in interview related to (IB) gk nd all.. except the academics..

well gk just rem.. dat u r updated wid % of duties, tax rates levied.. main port for import n export..
n den other related knowledge bout imports n international banks..
dey wonmt ask u very tricky question but they might ask u but obvious questions like name one of the busiest port of india.. n all
so be ready for taht
but if u dun kno the answer den just say " sir sorry i dun have knowldge regarding the same"
wid a smile.. adts wht i did wid most of the questions cmin my way.. cause i was just not ready for such interantional types question..
just be confident n be urself.. dun try to bluff.. cause panel has one insdutry ppl.. n dey do catch u if u doin all dat bluff.. n dats obviously bad!
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yeah hv called them a no. of times
a week back they were saying it ill be cleared by 30 th april
today they said it will take another week .and they r saying u have chances of making it .

hmm.. well wen dey sayin u have chance den dat means u do stand a chance.. but thats like a waiting list thinggy. u'll be given 1st preference as soon as dey get sm rejctd call from the candidate basically dey just wnt all der seats filled (dats obvious).. n dey give it to u incase dey have seats or u go in waiting list .. cause dey wait for ppl to respond.. who have been offerd the course b4 u .. der last date for submission of 1st instalment must b 3oth so they must have askd u .. now dey must have got major calls .. so dey mite b waiting for otehr dead line date.. take a cahnce if u wnt to n if u can .. its worth joining..
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Hi all
I am a Bcom graduate ,I have got a call from Amity noida MBA IB
Could you please guide me for the GD /PI process.What preparation should i do to do well
as i desperately want to get in.:crazyeye::crazyeye::biggrin::boat:

well all u need to do is .. b confident.. dat'll solve out many problems.. take active part in case study n be confident in PI 1stly u'll have an essay round .. whr u gotto write bout any general topic .. den comes case study.. den pi.. so in short .. make dum daar entries in gd.. n den b confident in pi!!
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any seniors here
guys u gotta help me
had my gd pi on 28th of feb
result still awaited
they saying am in waiting list .
i mean shud i hv a chance
why r they takin so long ....

hm..well.. talk to online consellor.. u shuld talk to them n ask dem to clear it out asap..
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well guys those who wanna swap der seats plz consult isbm ppl.. one of my frnd got it done from Blore to Pune...

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maverick_tre Says
thnk u so much sir for replying.....the last date is now on 12th may.....i askd the amity admm people nd they tld tht u cant apply 4 the same course again.what should i do....shld i chng my address or sme othr info......nd pls temme howz mba in marketing nd sales in amity....wht r the avg placements???

well all i can suggest is .. dat go for MBA GEN or MBA (IB ).. des 2 courses r the best .. n der placements are awesum.. ders alwys a tought fight btween both these course placements.. IB i herd agve avg [placemnt of 5. smthin this yr..
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Thanx aleesha.. for d above info...
as u asked... my AMITY gd-pi was on 9th april...
n i opt for Marketting n sales..

IS dalmia nt gud for IT ?????? bcoz i don wana take finance.. thats sure at least...
I had given Feb MAT n scored 624..... wot is oms candidate ??? n y doesnt it helps me in taking in dalmia???? plsss clear ths ??

Yup i knw tht IBA blore one better thn noida... bt m nt able to contact them n may b also i cud nt able to change the campus frm noida to blore.... so is tht so noida is so worst to do ??????

waiting for d rply ....

do wait for amity ppl.. n keep chkin the online a/c of urs in amity.. dey take sm time cause u may b onw aiting list .. dey dun disclose
oms means out side maharashtra candidate..
u need to be 99.XX %tile holder.. or wid dat score u may get colleges but not the top notch..
N.L. Dalmia is super duper famouse for finance.. IT field i dun kno..
did u give CET by any chance??
try the online calculators present to calculate ur score accordingly..
Is ne1 thr who can help me out ??????

I gt IBA noida... bt i wana shift to blore one....
i wana contact them as early as possible (bcoz acc to them last date of fees deposition is 28th)... bt m nt able to as... no fone no. povided by them is working properly..

can ne SENIOR help me out... plsssssssssssssssssssss

wot to do now.. m really very confused:dontgeti: ... :confused:

plssss do rply me wid a gud solution...

dey wont answer calls

dun ask me the reason..
just try callin at the b'lore campus.. dey do reply..
or try mailin ur query to
Contact Person : Prof. Manas Garai

Email :
i hope it helps