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Just withdrew my admission from IIM I. guess its not in my fate to spend a couple of yrs in the beautiful campus.

Had fun interacting with some of you. All the very best to those who are joining.


I just withdrew my admission from IIM Indore. I am sure that would help some one. Cheers.

will not be joining I this year, so i gs all those road trips i planned will have to wait :)

Any idea on what is the last date to withdraw admission?

hey wts the craze at IIM I..
i mean which sub (mrtg, fin,ops, hr) do ppl take the most...
and obviously which sub has got the best faculty.

also all other IIM ppl are getting pre reads....
i hope it's not for us....

it's fin everywhere...or atleast it used to be.
hiii ...everyone i just called up admissions office...
the officer said there wont be any second list ...they already had giveN buffer eveN if thr are withdrawals they wudnt have vacant seats for second NOOOOO SECOND LIST CMING...NO HOPES BUDDIES..FORGET IIM L ..

Better to have No as a definite answer than staying in dark and wondering. Bye Bye thread.
Yeah this wait is literally killing all of us who are waiting fr waitlist :(
Can sumone pls call nd confirm abt the actual scene reg waitlist though i ve lost all the hopes nw :(

one of those times that prove that its good to be a pessimist.
charankvi Says
A correction my fren...the WL for Bangalore has cleared till 80. Thats why its all the more shocking to see that L didnt even release a WL. Mayb they sent so many calls that they now have no scope for WL. :-/ What a pity

my guess is 80 B calls would translate to 20 or may be 30 L calls. So not really shocking if u consider that L might have overshooted their number of calls by 20,30.

Looks like everyone gave up on IIM L's waitlist.

Yoga classes at 5:30!!?

i hope the 100% attendance rule doesn' hold for it too.

kogu Says
How about Al-Qaeda batch?

ahem ahem!