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Moderators, Can u plz inform when would the gepi process of 3.30 pm slot be over?? i have a bus at 8.30 pm so would i be able to catch it?

can someone please tell me what in the world does s p jain want us to score in cat/xat in order to get just a gdpi call.
my xat scores:
quant: 86.08
english: 98
dm: 99.76
overall : 99.56

if this is not enough then i dont know what is!!!
a few guys who r already in s p jain and those few who have a call please shed some light cos i am stumped and disillusioned here.:banghead:

my sympathies bro... am also in the same boat.
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got 231. even i surpassed my expectations.

QS 91
LS 62
LR 78

am i safe in verbal??

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taking to the roads! good one.

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