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Congos to all the call getters,

Few inputs on the weightage of written and GD/PIs for final convert

As per the XLRI disclosure for 2009

Describe each criteria with its respective weightages i.e. Admission Test,
GD, Interview etc

Written Test : 50%
Group Discussion & Interview : 50%

During interviews
Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any, for any criteria. The minimum level of cut-off points for the admission is 2 Yes plus 1No.

Good Luck



Its been almost 2 - 3 years i have posted on PG. Let me begin by sharing useful info for everyone who appeared for XAT 2010

Last 2 years Cut Offs (Over all) for GD & interview

2008 : BM - 98.5 percentile PM & IR - 97.5 percentile
2009 : BM - 98.03 percentile PM & IR - 95 percentile (because of increase in intake)

Note: your written test scores carry 50% weightage in final selection

All the best people


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Hi Seniors,

Can you provide a checklist for the file for PMIR:

Kindly give your suggestion on the below mentioned list (in no particular order)

Call Letter
XAT Marksheet
Work Ex letter
Latest payslip
Graduation marksheet + Passing Certificate
Extra curriculars

Is Certificate from NGO is must? I cannot get one, though i have contributed.

Awaiting response.


A quick update on exams:

3. Only one person can enter the toilet at a time ( This is strictly noted)..Take that :wow:

when did anyone needed company in the toilet??!!

Heard Eco ki dardanak ECHO dur dur tak sunai di:satisfie:
I checked Q-87,
It says FE= KD = GF = 10m

In solution:
KD= y ??
FE = y ??

How did i solved -

According to question:
GF = 10,
=> AF = 10 (sqr rt)3

GF = HE = EC = 10 (45 - 45- 90, and HGFE coming out as rectangle)

AC = AF + FE + EC = 10 (sqr rt)3+ 10+10 = 20 + 10 (sqr rt)3

In triangle ACD
CD = AC / (sqr rt)3
=> CD = 20/(sqr rt)3 + 10
KC = CD + KD
= + 10(given)
= 20/(sqr rt)3 + 20

And KC = AB (ABCK a rectangle)

AB = 20/(sqr rt)3 + 20

there wasn't any option with this answer though, KD printed in the question is a printing error maybe.
I am going wrong?

Kindly take a look puys i have tried to be quite LUCID with my explanation above.

And In quesstion 90.
Given in question:
Volume of conical frustum = 1/3(pie) (R^2 + r^2 +rh)

In solution its written:
Volume of conical frustum =H/3 (pie) (R^2 + r^2 +Rr)
As they have solved = 7/3 (pie) (6^2 + 3^2 + 18)

These typos are highly frustrating!

Kindly Check u all.And revert back
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seanmit Says
please find my comments inline in red

answer is (3)

dude one expediture is greater it does not mean that the electricity expenditure is greater as sharma's percentage expenditure is greater than dubey's...take example..

Check again!
Sharma's elec expnd
Dubey % in electricity is 45%
Sharma % in electricity is 35%
Mishra % in electricity is 35%

Since the base (expenditure) of Dubey is the greater (option - I) therefore, amount spent on electricity by Dubey was greater among the three.

total expenditure : dubey 102, sharma 100 , mishra 101...
now percentage expenditure is dubey 20, sharma 25, mishra 20...
now can u say that dubey spend more than sharma's ...ofcourse not... this is a simple funda of percentage calculation...unless the base is same u cant make a definite we dont know how much is dubey;s or sharma's expenditure in real terms...
so u cant solve the question as we cant compare between sharma and dubey
please correct me if I am wrong..junta pour in ur comments please...I seriously dint get the question and got all three wrong based on this.

try looking carefully at the graph

And the relation between Varma and Dubey can be figured by option- II, which is already being explained by charlemagne!
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GUd work Puys!
Keep'em coming!

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wat in HELL s name is happenin here..daant padegi Mods se.. u want me to abuse u in the public, not gud not gud.
and hz the doper..
and hey I heard kanishk is havin a torrid time with CA stuff..
thank God i escaped all this..
..gv me a call or msg whn u get free...bugger!!
its rainin in here..whoaa..

let the muzik play

Vipin_Singh Says
No action here ?? Just came back from a bike ride to Morni hills last weekend..for the uninitiated it comes very close to Matheran in terms of its altitude and the view from the top...I can say this as I was at Matheran end of June..had trekked up via Bhivpuri Road and came down towards Neral...the best part about that trek was getting drenched while desceding towards Dastoori..another interesting thing which turned out to be a damp squib was when some local boys told us that there was a python blocking the trail though the jungle. I was all set for the encounter but the bugger was nowhere to be seen :)

Damn i missed....:(
Poor Python..missed the chance to be in Limelight:D

anyway..fix up as meet before u fly off..
ps: who all finally went..and where are the snaps
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somil Says
hey soumya where did u see the uploaded results ????...i can't find them anywhere in the SIS:wow:

Mayb results frm allahbad are not being uploaded as yet..

I checked there was no where mentioned that thr will b no ANALYSIS..
and hw can they upload the analysis if they haven't scanned and tabulated the whole result.

AS FOR Q-37 and 55
there was some errata in Q-55 which was mentioned in the paper.
but still correct option remains unchanged.

and Q37 is ok i ddnt seem to hv any problem with it. yeah the correct option did seem to me a bit weaker in argument but that was the only one relevant.

And for the 2hr mayhem i guess its more of due to CAT declarin to be of 2-1/2 hrs..
so chill regarding the scores..coz i asked a few frnds at other places..everybody is sayin the test was conducted for 2-1/2 hrs..are u sure abt yr center?
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