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about updates admission office will able to inform on monday

yes there is reservation in college around 13 seats belong to reserved category

sorry for all the delays as about admissions i will ask admission office and update u all after diwali holidays

13 ppl unplaced can u put a light on it any specific reasons or it was just the demand of those students that they waiting for something specific?

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oops i mean 17 months but thanks

same here got 80.33 in cat but no call yet how is this possible there is not even any link given about it infact date extended till 5th march kindly clear it seniors m confused literally

i dont get it how you ppl got calls when they extended dates till 5th of march i got 80.33 in cat but no call yet plus m having a 17yr exp in vedanta power

in what format ione should send its scorecard i sended in jpeg format is that fine pls help

can u tell me in what format i can send my score card i sended in jpeg format is that fine pls reply asap

hii guys i got 80.33 in cat and my imt call is on 6th feb in nagpur now m seriously confused here there is no way its for imt G and here spearing 10lak is quite something making me feel weird kindly please help m e out here