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hi friends,
I jus want to know if u ppl have applied for ADANI POWER IPO?
guys applied for 3 lots and my friend applied for single lot..
today he got an sms from ADANI POWER dat he is been alloted dat 1 single lot..
but there hasnt been any sms to me..
Guys is the same for u? those who have applied have they recieved any sms?

Already tried my hand in Adani IPO now it's the turn for NHPC.

Have done some homework on the IPO and waiting for 12th Aug
just to see the Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) oversubscription,and will plan accordingly how much to invest.

I am feeling addicted :cheers:to IPOs.Let's see what NHPC have it for me.

Hey Puys....anybody for NHPC???

yeah just filled the form of NHPC... Was planninig to apply for 525 (Rs. 18900) shares but changed my mind after watching the newz on CNBC dat till today FII's have oversubscribed jus 6 times... and for RIIs also it was less.. So applied for jus 350 shares(Rs.12600)..
I know its less but just had a loss of 15000 in the market(bloody F&O;!!)...
So was scared to apply for 525 shares..
P.S:-By the way is showing the last updated data of 7th August
Nope Shashi !

Dude , I think you won't be eligible ! They have clearly mentioned it in their prospectus ! Please check the miscellaneous tab on their site ! Here's the link !

Directorate of Technical Education

Cheers, ATB !

dude check the second point.. Its only for those students taking admission in SIMSREE
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Guys i have got Maeer's MIT School Of Management MB616 in Cap 2..
my score is 135 and am a pune university student(open)..
i want to ask howz the college and shud i go with this college? Howz the faculty at MITSOM?

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i am trying for past 1 hour but no one is picking up the phone...

i am outside pune,thats why asked if someone knows the details of d.d.

so the best thing is to go to any active PUMBA thread(pagalguy) or community(orkut) and ask the existing students.
hey do we have to submit original documents also along with attested copies?
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dev30 Says
guys i got singhd vadgoan shall i go for it

one of my friends is studying in Sinhgad vadgaon.. according to him its gud for marketing but bad for finance(faculty not gud for finance)..
regarding placements, u have to compete with around 2000 students..
so will be tough to get placed with good amount..
but most of the students who get sinhgad opt for the college
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hi, i got through pumba...:-P

can someone plz. tell me wat is the d.d. amount and in whose favour it should be???

plzz. reply...

its best if u Call PUMBA and ask for DD amount and the name to which it shud be addressed..
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c'mom guys.. dun wait for the results today..
I think it will be displayed tomorrow and stop asking same questions again and again(when will d results be declared, who told u? etc.)..
this thread is already suffering from spam messages... If anyone gets to know about the result den plz display the link for the same..
till then just wait patiently for results tomorrow

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nidhi kohli Says
when d result wl cum out.i hv my tickts of tmr.plz help mer.wl it cum out tody or nt????????????

nobody knows when the results will be out..i know its tough but be patient!!
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sankalp29 Says
god knows but it shud be there now.will the website stop functioning when the result is being updated?

dude i request u too plz stop spamming... Plz stick to the purpose of the thread..
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