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There is no waitlist moment in C so far ......I just mailed them about my waitlist status at C and the reply that I got is :
We are not releasing our wait-list as we have already received more than our requirements from the Prime List

Hope this helps......
seems the end of road in C

Lets not give up right now bro...
Right now all the IIM's seem to tell that they have had high acceptance rate..which cannot be possible...coza lots of guys have multiple converts..so maybe we can start to hear from the admissions dept of the IIM's once they get a clearer picture of the exact number of guys...It might be in a couple of days or a couple of weeks also..

Lets just hang in there...You might be surprised with what awaits you...


The D-Day is here...Has anyone received any communication regd the change in status from IIM C..
In case of any updates please make sure u post it here..
Thanks and All d best..Hope that all of us make it thru IIMC

Hi Puys,
Made it thru to I,K and L ...Waitlisted at C...

Will be joining L as of now, unless the C waitlist converts...

I was just wondering if anyone has received the offer letter of IIM L as of now?? I guess the speed post should have reached by now. I'm just getting a bit anxious coz I have resigned solely based on the result on the web site..

just got a mail from one of the iimk mentors and i think this mail was to the whole group

From: ********
Date: 25 Apr 2008 14:21
Subject: CAT Results
To: ************

Dear All

Sorry for being inactive for so long . We are busy with our summer internships thats why the activity level has been low in the past month . Now the time has come for all the aspirants to face the reality . The results are round the corner . We expect the results to be definitely out by the end of April . Hence keep your fingers crossed and pray for the best . I am pretty sure that all of you would be able to get through . Now that I am well settled at my summers location I am open to any queries and questions .

Once the results are out we would be contacting all the successful candidates and will be guiding you through the whole process of registration.


i don't know his source of info and i am also not trying to raise hopes here but we might expect results sooner than what we are thinking now!!!...

I got the same mail too...To find out more information, I asked the source of the information and got this reply:

Hi ,
I cant tell u the source of info , but one thing is sure that results will be ready by end of this month but they(CAT committe consistings of representatives of all the IIMs) might delay announcemnet of the results by a few days . Hence go with what admissions office said . But even first week of May is also quite close so be prepared .
So, I guess we should go by what we have been hearing from the admissions dept about the date of announcement of results.
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Its been almost a week since the directive has been issued by the MHRD, but the problems that the IIM's face have not changed. My botheration is that no answers have come out so far :oops:...

The IIM's always knew that they would get a directive that would ask them to implement the OBC quota from this year itself...with creamy layer i.e...but they (IIM B) only started calling the call getters asking for the family income after they got the directive..Wouldn't it
have been wise on their part to start collecting this info right after the order by SC?

All the IIM's will discuss this over a period of 3 days!! As far as I understand each IIM has sufficient autonomy to decide the number of seats they can implement this year (in fact i guess they should have the exact numbers by now)..Also, I think that there is enough clarity on the implementation of the creamy layer..atleast thats what the MHRD claims..i do not have any other source to verify this, but i found the SC ruling quite objective..

Finally, we called up the IIM's a lot many times...we heard a variety of answers..but the only consistent reply we got was that the results would be out within one day as and when they get the directive... Why do they create this hope among the aspirants when they are not sure about the directive and its content..

I might sound very negative...but thats the best that i can make out of the way in which this admission process is being handled...

I hope that they atleast give out a notice...it need not give out an exact date on which we can expect results...but it can atleast tell us when not to expect the results...even that'll do..

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any ideas about how is it going to be done...
let's take the example of L
it has shortlisted 56 students who have applies as OBC

that means they will declare results for total students shortlisted for GD/PI - these 56 and release a general category list for same number of seats as last year/slightly more ...........is this how is it going to work

There are soo many things unexplained even after this news about the IIM's coming out with 2 lists like
- Will the number of seats for the list containing General category students have the same as last year or as per the new announcements made by the IIM's. If this turns out true, then its a big setback for many students as the IIM's had given out calls for the additional seats also. So, end result - More competition for the seats

I hope the IIM's remain transparent with whatever approach they take..coz the decision to come out with 2 lists is not the same as last year.
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I believe the problem is essentially with the creamy layer clause - as of now, there is no proper method for the IIMs to go around this criteria...

I realise this isn't rosy, but unless the government decides t o either give the quota a break this year or not implement it in PG institutes, there is a good chance results may be badly delayed because it will take time for the creamy layer to get filtered ou tfrom the OBC list.

Just my take, my advice would be to secure all our second options...

I agree with you...Securing the second options is the best approach for a B school aspirant in the current scenario...

Well...With a setback already for the government, in the form of Creamy Layer...Whats more bad??
Sitting over this judgement..have discussions and implement this from the future batches with whatever comes out of the discussions OR
Implement the judgement in the form it is currently in.

I feel that the Govt will prefer the second alternative coz if it just sits over the judgment all the minority appeasement would not translate into a vote bank(the comments of Arjun Singh about not challenging the verdict in court also are in line with this)..

P.S: Some may disagree, but I have posted what my sensibility tells me and I stand by it.
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Hi Puys,

I wished to see some updates from The Govt or the IIM's today. I really hope that our wait is as short as possible.

However, I think that as the wait continues there would be an additional pressure on the HRD by the IIM's to declare the results. And the Govt cannot afford to postpone the implementation of this reservation to next year as it deceives the very purpose of starting all this reservation business (this being an election year)...So, as the wait continues to come close to the month end, the Govt would not get the time to tinker with the judgement and higher the likelihood that the implementation would be along with all the stipulations as we currently know and more along the lines of the Supreme court judgement..

Lets hope for the best and I would love to hear something from the IIM's today.


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No. If say a OBC student gets a absolute better score than a general student, he will be given a general seat and not the reserved OBC seat. This confusion may not have happened till now since overlap between SC/ST and General will hardly be any. But it is much more probable with OBC students.

The seats are not categorized as "Forward caste" seats but "General seats" which means its for "everyone".

I know this since in Tamil Nadu there is reservation for BC students and if a BC student gets a better rank than me, he takes the general seat and not the BC seat.

What u are saying holds true, but its important to take a standpoint on this issue from the IIM's perspective... For instance consider this scenario...The IIM's have to say a proportion (around 8%) seats by Reserved category students...Wouldn' they first clasify all the admits (who make thru with or without reservation) into OBC and General category (I'm nto considering SC and ST for simplicity) and try to fill up the OBC reserved seats by the best available students from that category rather than deprive a deserving general category student of his seat and gifting it to a reserved category person.

Even if no Puy agrees with me..I hope IIM's do..

P.S: This is what my sensibility tells me. The outcome might be otherwise too.. Afterall we live in such a great democracy - India..


Me got shortlisted for GD/PI too Received the mail from RGIIM today noon.

Have the interview at Mumbai on the 29th of April.