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Hello PG Guys,

RoomVilla is an upcoming IIT alumni startup. We are helping interns for accomodation.


Hard to believe but there has been no movement for PGDM GEN since May 1st.
No love for W/L guys.

nk1305 Says
I actually asked him specifically and he said PGDM.... But I don't have any explanation for this... So let's just wait and watch :)

Did you see his offer email as well?
nk1305 Says
Nope, I specifically asked.... He said pgdm, general category..... Unless he s trolling me, very weird!

Interesting. Tell me more..
choudharyashwin Says
hey i too made it today...for PGDM...may i know the procedure and some info....

What is ur Category and the W/L number?
soumya2101 Says
category? atb boss.

he is GEN.
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qwertyuiopa Says
Anyone from General category converted PGDM after WL-18 was cleared initially?

Guess, this is final. But never expected the W/L movement would be so less. Only 18 candidates till now in General Category. That's very hard to believe.

Last year the final movement was only till W/L 11.
sk10 Says
Do you mean,there is no movement at all ??????

Thats what they said. Lets wait for a couple of days.

From Admission Office:

"Shortlisting is going on. Right now there is no movement. If anything comes up we'll let you know."