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Hello ALL,

Name-Akshun kumar
Type of Candidate- MS
CET score-102
GD date-03.05.2010
Batch 22

My GDPI was schedulded to be at 10 am but i reached there at 9 am.
You are first made to sit in a classroom and a lady calls out your names and you have to show your gdpi call leteer and have to sign against your name in a sheet. THen you are given the candidate profile form.

CANDIDATE PROFILE FORM is different this year from the past year.

1.Academic Background
ssc,hsc,FY,SY,TY marks of degree.

2. Work Experience Details

3. Strengths and weaknesses

4. What motivated you to do this PG?

5. NAme one important decision you have taken in your life in the past six months?

6. What are you career plans for next five years.

7. WHat is your one biggest success and one biggest failure

8.If there is a Fire in the house, Who would you save?


10. extra curricular activities

11. Academic ahievements
We were allowed a time of about 20-25mins for filling up the candidate profile form. THen we were escorted to a classroom for the GD.
Three people were sitting on the stage and benches are arranged for the GD. I was called to pick up one envelope in a bunch and they showed us that it was sealed. Then they opened it and two topics were there.


there were 12 people in all
I had just read a lot about the organzied and unorganized retail sectors in india. SO i voted for the first one. But the rest voted for the second one. So we started on that. The discussion was healthy. Everyone except one guy participated. Some guy was talking about his family problems and another was talking about success and determination . But other made valid point about what a TASK exactly was an i pitched in four relevant points and kept my tone. I did not venture much as this was an abstract kinda topic and there was lot of scope for mistakes.
After about 15 minutes one guy was asked to conclude and it was over soon.
Overall it was a very vague kinda experience and no one really made much of a point.


Then we wetre made to sit according to a sequence on some desks and then called one by one inside the pi room.
There were TWO guys. one in 40's P1 and other in 50' P2

p1-good morning.. sit
me-thank you
p1- so..akshun..?? what does you name mean?
me- it means "significant" sir..
p2-ohh but it also means...something that can never be extinguished...
p1 and p2 look at each other ...nod...smile and say good name good name..

p1- so ur from commerce background...(i have done B.B.A)
tell me what is the base of commerce???
me- money, finance...
Then P1 asked me about the SEBI and IRDA spat thankfully i knew everthing about it.. so i told him in detail all i knew ..

P2- MOstly spoke in HINDI!!!!:wow:

P2-so...ur from bba marketing...what do you think about akshay kumar ads for coke and all...? he is shown jumping around?? is it nice???
me- sir its advertising creativity sir..

p2-so ur telling me showing all such impossible things is justified???especially for such products which will do no good for anyones health.??
me- no sir..
p2- Then what shoould we do about it??
me- (pissed off)...so we should not even let these mnc's come to india in the first place...!!!!!
to my utter shock...he smiled and said...yes yes...good good..:shocked:

p2- then he started asking about the location of olympic games, world cup 2011, world cup t20,commonwealth games and the FIFA world cup.and i knew it all so that went well.

Then he saw from the cadidate profile from that i had written "Reading Novels" .So he asked me about some authors and he asked me to name some book by jeffrey archer...who happens to be my favorite author...

And the they said....thank yous and all the bests...

Overall i think it was okayish...it was my first gdpi so i duuno what i did right or wrong.
One thing that surprised me is that the PI was speaking in hindi all the time.

Ill just say one thing to all....In GD just dont go off topic...speak less but speak sense.as the guy who intitiated the GD did not make a point but was talking nonsense.

in Pi i really think everything is on the pi's mood and your composure..

anyway...ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE!!!:cheers:

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I am Akshun
entering my third year of BBA from Sinhgad Pune
CAT 2009 aspirant
Have to do an MBA for the BBA to hold value
Cant really go for substantial work experience
SO am waiting...will give the whole Bunch of CAT, snap, nmat and xat
This forum is extremely helpful in a lot of things
hope to find useful information here when needed