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NO..... a GT is entirely different from a GD....
wht u've explained is a case-based GD...

A GT is a common task(like making sm figures from jumbled pieces, organising scattered pieces of sm item) given to a group n the completion of task depends on group behavior n teamwork...
it is to test ur teamspirit n ability to work in teams...

i hope this clarifies ur doubts..

Please refrain from posting data u r not sure of... This only creates confusion for other Puys...

The information about the GT which has been put by me on this site is based on my chat with a few students who had undergone the process at my institute today morning. I don't see any other more reliable source of information. If u want to name it "Case Study based Group Discussion" u r most welcome to do so. My intention was to let the call-getter have an idea of what was in store for them so that they can prepare themselves in the best possible manner.

N thanx puys (Neha and Amit). I am overwhelmed by the blatant support for me u guys have come out with. However, loveekansal is not entirely wrong as GT is defined by what he/she has mentioned. We are grateful to loveekansal for pointing out the error and I will make sure the same would be communicated to our management.
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:smile: Thanks a lot for sharing this and congrats to this committee for 3 years of successful journey,but just wanted to know college doesn't organise such things ...only students do this

Dear Umang,

That's the best part about GIM, everything over here is student-driven. There are alotta things u learn in the process which goes into making a good manager. Interacting with the real world is an important aspect of any B-School. At GIM this education is imparted through sharing reponsiblities amongst students and faculty.

Mandar Keny (Kentech) and Rahul Bagati are few such students amongst who both are part of "Ribandar Talks"
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hey thanks neha and suhaas
yea i saw the weightage later on..... achha what about the news of the group task tht is been talk about. is it hundred percent tht its gonna happen this year

Hey Akshat,
The Group Task (G.T.) which you guys are all getting worried about is actually a mini-case study which will be given to you guys to discuss between themselves. I feel one of the primary motives behind this exercise is to make the Group Discussion process more streamlined and focused. Hence, now u guys would have more specific and concrete things to discuss about rather than just a one-sentence topics where every1 comes up with his/her own views (some of which may digress the whole group). However, this does not indicate that you should not be well-versed with Current Affairs/ General Knowledge coz the case facts will be limited (just a situation eg: Position of a HR/Marketing Manager of a company plus a brief description of a situation faced by you in that position). Your aptitude in CA/GK would help you come up with better points during the GD and hence enhance your chance of getting selected.
Wish u all the best!!
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Hey seniors can u tell me who all renowned people have given you guest lectures sharing their expieriences and all...

Mr. Arindam Dasgupta, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore,
Dr. Kiran Bedi,
Mr. Ishaat Hussain, CFO, Tata Group of Companies,
Mr. R.Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, Tata Sons
Mr. Wendell Rodrigues
All these emminent personalities have been brought to our campus by the endeavours of a group of students which is known by the name of "Ribandar Talks" of which Mandar Keny (Kentech) is an integral part of,
Today is the 3rd annivarsary of this committee and today Remo Fernandes would be delivering a talk at our college. These talks are really very interesting and enlightening and allow you to see how different aspects of management have been used by these successful personalities in their day-to-day life to overcome the hurdles and acheive success in their respective professions
Keeping in line with its tradition of celebrating all festivals with gaiety and fun, students of Goa Institute of Management came forward to celebrate Lohri with great vigour and excitement. Lohri is more of a community festival as people gather around the bonfires and offer sweets, crisp rice and popcorn to the flames.
The GIM celebration was started with a pooja which involves parikrama around the fire and distribution of Prasad. The prasad comprises of five main things: til, gazak, gur, moongphali, phuliya and popcorn. A prayer is made to Agni, the spark of life, for abundant crops and prosperity.
Then the festivities gained momentum when the DJ started playing foot-tapping Punjabi folk music. Students colourfully dressed in traditional Punjabi attire danced the bhangra around a huge bonfire. This was followed by a sumptuous Punjabi dinner with dishes including sarson ka saag, palak paneer, makhni daal, gobi ka parantha, gajar ka halwaa and unlimited supply of lassi. Students cutting across religions and state took a break from their assignments to mark Lohri with much fanfare

Guys ... How come no updates of the super duper action that we were witness to in the past week at GIM ...

The highlight of last week was the 'Dandiya Nite' in which students of GIM danced till late in the nite on amazin nos. belted out by the DJ. There were prizes given out for the 'Best Costume - Male, Female and Couple', 'Best Dancer -Male, Female & Couple' and goin by the enthusiasm shown by the participants it sure was a tough decision to make. But in events @ GIM it not the winning that matters but the participation which is so much fun.
This week started with another fun-filled events: 'Dementia' held by HRiday, the HR club of GIM. It involved 14-15 teams of 7 members team which included 1 mascot who was supposed to dress as wackily as possible and points were given on his/her cheering abilities. All teams were made to various challenging tasks to gather
the max points.
'Brand Shastra' organized by MECCA, the marketing club @ GIM was the closing event of this week. Another team event focusing on brand awareness amongst the contestants.
Kudos to these clubs for coming up with these creative events. A great way of unwinding after cracking ur brains over case studies n assignments not mention plethora of summer placement interviews PGP1 batch is goin thru. Keep up the good work guys.